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Who I am[edit]

Hello everyone. In early 2010 I finished my Ph.D. in East Asian Studies in an American University. I specialize in the history of the Qing dynasty, as well as in pre-modern Chinese legal and medical history. When editing Wikipedia, I have found the following links particularly useful.

My sandboxes[edit]

You're welcome to leave comments on the "talk page" of my sandboxes. Most of them are long-term projects.

Qing dynasty[edit]

Main series[edit]


Ming-Qing transition[edit]

The mothership would be /Ming-Qing transition (1619-1683). The eventually featured topic would include Chongzhen Emperor, /History of the Manchus before 1644, Shunzhi Emperor, Three Feudatories, Shun Dynasty, and Southern Ming, as well as articles on key people like Dorgon, Wu Sangui, Li Zicheng, and Zhang Xianzhong.

Other Qing topics[edit]

Chinese culture, medicine, and history[edit]

/Chinese medical manuscripts
/Chronology of Chinese medical history
/Distinction between Hua and Yi (quotes)
/Dunhuang medical manuscripts
/Emotions in Chinese medicine
/Emotions in Chinese medicine (notes)
/Five Phases
/Historical writing in Republican China
/History of China
/History of East Asia
/History of medicine in China
/History of Neidan
/History of women in China
/Intellectual, religious, and cultural history of the Jin dynasty (1115–1234)
/Jin dynasty (notes)
/Legal history of China
/List of Chinese medical texts
/Madness in Chinese history
/Tao Hongjing
/Wuyun liuqi
/Xia-Shang-Zhou economy
/Yellow Emperor
/Yellow Emperor notes

History and anthropology of science and medicine[edit]

/Anthropology of emotions
/History of cybernetics
/History of scientific texts
/Johns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club
/Medical history
/Medical history (disambiguation)
/Shamanism and mental illness


/Assassination of Queen Min
/History of Korean nationalism
/Joseon Korea
/Korea (blood, ethnicity, etc.)
/Korean ethnic nationalism (draft)

Nationalism and historiography in East Asia[edit]


Boxer Uprising[edit]

Uploading images[edit]


The wikis I've created (excluding about 185 redirects)[edit]

The wikis I've rewritten and referenced[edit]