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MarcelB612 is something of a WikiGnome. Being a Gnome, he doesn't always have particularly good manners in his edit summaries, so don't take it personally, he still likes you.

My Wiki username references both Marcel Proust and the meteor B612 from the children's novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. My real name is not Marcel.


I am an undergraduate student following a curriculum of Mathematics at Michigan State University in pursuit of a (MMXII) B.S. in Mathematics.

Mathematics c.1380 as singular, replaced by early 17c. by mathematics (1581), from L. mathematica (pl.), from Gk. mathematike tekhne "mathematical science," fem. sing. of mathematikos (adj.) "relating to mathematics, scientific," from mathema (gen. mathematos) "science, knowledge, mathematical knowledge," related to manthanein "to learn," from PIE base *mn-/*men-/*mon- "to think, have one's mind aroused" (cf. Gk. menthere "to care," Lith. mandras "wide-awake," O.C.S. madru "wise, sage," Goth. mundonsis "to look at," Ger. munter "awake, lively").

Interests and expertise[edit]

My interests are vast, they include but are by no means near limited to Western art (in particular from the 18th through 20th centuries), politics (Anarchist theory in particular), music (modern and classical), literature (in particular English and French), film, linguistics, etymology, the history and development of Western Christianity, and the sciences in general. In addition, I derive an overwhelming feeling of wonder and admiration from the natural world.

Areas in which I spend particularly notable amounts of time and energy studying include formal logic, mathematics, and Western philosophy (especially how it relates to empiricism and the philosophy of science.)

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