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I usually copyedit, fix and expand smaller Wikipages where I find a fault or a mistake or where I think there is more information to be had.

Some stuff worth preserving:[edit]

  • Cold Y Generation A very imporant, yet often-overlooked part in generational sociology, I have to say.
  • Mobile phone telecommunications generations — A restoration of a template. Tries to explain the differences between 3G, 3.5G, and 3.75G. Also includes information on 2G, 2.5G, and 2.75G. See corresponding talk page and table at its bottom.
  • Some heavy spoiler stuff not so often thought about after having watched DS9's In the Pale Moonlight
  • Webmonkey is a magazine for developers, restarted for the third (fourth?) time now (Autumn 2008).
  • Sequential turn signals are an important show-off feature of American cars
  • Ramifications post Dred Scott v. Sandford
  • DocsVision is a Russian-made groupware and document management application. I don't know if I should deprecate it from this list. The information would still be useful.

Some areas of interest:[edit]

/the following does not necessarily denote whether I have actually worked on any of these pages:

Free software

GNU/Linux Debian

Space-based science fiction

Stargate Universe,
Farscape, and the cast and characters of both;
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Elim Garak
The Chronicles of Riddick

Some of the larger body of work I've done:[edit]

Currently relevant
  • List of Proprietary Software for Linux — Created article, but it's not yet good enough, because it lacks many of the wikilinks and background information on software titles, such as the timeframe when a title was available, also what the cost of the title is/was and so on; or what the reasons were for discontinuation of product. The early article summary (if it still exists) tells the reasons why I created it. Looks like this has stuck :-)
  • Sony Mobile CommunicationsMajor rework of the 2001–2010 section. I very much like it.
  • Template:Comparison of Nokia Asha and Apple iPhone mobile phones — To prove that flagship Asha phones are comparable to early iPhones; perhaps it will help in defining featurephone/smartphone.
Older fare in order of importance
  • Vista-visual-styles-comparison.png 2014-06-27 00:15:36 edition — For this version of the file I replaced the background from heavy contrast checkerboards to lattice steel pylons, so as to better exemplify translucensies used in Windows Vista. The edit was soon reverted to the checkerboard version, and the checkerboards themselves were updated to lighter gray to allow "less contrast". By 18.10.2014 all the older thumbnails were deleted. Current version here.
  • List of Xena: Warrior Princess episodes — copyediting, code cleanup, edited lots of wikilinks to episodes to conform to Wikipedia's disambiguation link styles [in the manner of Arachnophobia (film)].
    Looks like this was deleted sometime... Probably copyvio issues. T., 09.01.2007.
    So, in the interim ^, the article had been deleted and maybe rewritten from scratch. So that was then. N., 19.09.2013.