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I usually copyedit, fix and expand smaller Wikipages where I find a fault or a mistake or where I think there is more information to be had.

Some stuff worth preserving:[edit]

Some areas of interest:[edit]

/the following does not necessarily denote whether I have actually worked on any of these pages:

Free software

GNU/Linux Debian

Space-based science fiction

Stargate Universe,
Farscape, and the cast and characters of both;
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Elim Garak
The Chronicles of Riddick

Some of the larger body of work I've done:[edit]

Currently relevant
  • List of Proprietary Software for Linux — Created article, but it's not yet good enough, because it lacks many of the wikilinks and background information on software titles, such as the timeframe when a title was available, also what the cost of the title is/was and so on; or what the reasons were for discontinuation of product. The early article summary (if it still exists) tells the reasons why I created it. Looks like this has stuck :-)
  • Sony Mobile CommunicationsMajor rework of 2001-2010 section. I very much like it.
  • Template:Comparison of Nokia Asha and Apple iPhone mobile phones — To prove that flagship Asha phones are comparable to early iPhones; perhaps it will help in defining featurephone/smartphone.
Older fare in order of importance
Looks like this was deleted sometime... Probably copyvio issues. T., 09.01.2007.
So, in the interim ^, the article had been deleted and maybe rewritten from scratch. So that was then. N., 19.09.2013.