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Been gone a few days. Felt nice to do something else and forget about the pedia for a bit. Sooooooo, I'm gonna try for a full Wikibreak for up to a week or maybe two. Have fun and happy editing! I may pop in every now and then to check on things.

Currently working on
Kamehameha I
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List of most recent articles I have created or expanded:[edit]

This is a list of some of the most recent articles I have created. They do not belong to me, so feel free to edit them at your will however, please be sure your edit is constructive and sourced.

Hawaii related articles:





Pau riders

In the Matter of the Estate of Charles Kanaina ‎



Brick Palace

Aikāne relationships in Hawaii


John Mahiʻai Kāneakua

Template:Liloa/Piilani/Moana Family Tree

Expand, correct and check all references on the following existing articles:

Pauli Kaōleiokū

Bernice Pauahi Bishop

Some stuff about me:

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