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Hi, this is Masternachos. I'd love to have an awesome page, but I don't know how to put userboxes on here.

Ignore anything I've ever said on non-Baseball-related pages.

I'm the one who created all (well, the vast majority of) the Baseball Hall of Fame Balloting pages. It's kind of a big deal.

About me? Well, I don't care what YOUR beliefs are (religiously, politically, etc) so long as you don't care what MY beliefs are. Well, I mean I 'care' as in I'll be interested, but no one should hate or deride someone for their beliefs. For example, feeling that only an idiot could disagree with you. That kind of thing.

I am 23 and living at home. ...Although, most people do, don't they?

[Oops, wrong location. Feel free to delete, or move to your talk or the main balloting talk(?) if you think it worthwhile]
Hi, I have improved most of the Balloting articles.
You did a lot of typing when you were twenty.
What do you think of the color code? I would water the colors a little (as in the key below) or a lot (as in the rows Mathewson to Speaker). —but I wouldn't, even with consensus, because I don't know how to do it efficiently. --P64 (talk) 17:40, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

-Didn't see this until just now... Yes, I did do a lot of typing! I actually would do one Baseball Hall of Fame Balloting page over lunch, every day. Mostly copy-and-paste, and then correcting, just so that those pages would exist now. Colors seem fine, somebody's gone and done it to all of the pages. Masternachos (talk) 20:43, 30 December 2012 (UTC)

quotation from Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, 1936 with three versions of green and blue in place of one.
Key to colors
     Elected to the Hall. These individuals are also indicated in bold italics.
     Players who were elected in future elections. These individuals are also indicated in plain italics.
Player Votes Percent
Ty Cobb 222 98.2
Babe Ruth 215 95.1
Honus Wagner 215 95.1
Christy Mathewson 205 90.7
Walter Johnson 189 87.6
Nap Lajoie 146 64.6
Tris Speaker 133 58.8
Cy Young 111 49.1
Rogers Hornsby 105 46.4