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Matt Girling
Wikipedia administrator
Never turn your back on someone who writes general interest educational material for fun. —Steven Walling
Matt Girling

About me

In real life I'm a musician. I'm primarily a keyboardist, but also play guitar, bass and drums. In a former life I played B cornet in concert bands. I've gigged in all sorts of places, from the top of Centre Point in London's West End, to a sweltering bug-infested theatre in Kenya.

My work

I tend to focus on two areas of Wikipedia—writing new articles (and submitting them to DYK), and general maintenance of current events articles. I have tended to focus on the latter as my editing has slowly decreased over the last couple of years due to real life. I'm an administrator and I have OTRS access.

Contact me

You can leave me a message on my talk page. You can also email me through Wikipedia.