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Hi there, Most of my edits are semi-automatic, but I sometimes manually edit pages. My main areas of work are Articles for creation, vandalism reverting and cleaning up articles. I am happy to help other users — I am active with WP:AFC, Help requests and Semi-Protected edit requests. On en Wikipedia, I hold rollback and reviewer rights. I am also hold rollback rights on the Simple English Wikipedia, and admin rights on a few Wikias. If you would like my help with anything, just leave me a message on my talk page ( User talk:Mdann52 ). I will also learn from criticism — just point out what I did wrong. My IRC nickname is Mdann52

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Pun Generator

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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My other account[edit]

Cookies52 (talk · contribs); Due to Cookies52 being my alt nick on IRC
Mdann52(alt) (talk · contribs); my account used for edits on tool server
Mdann52 (bot) (talk · contribs); my bot account
I am Mdann52 on The Test Wiki

Featured content[edit]

Good article Oblivion (roller coaster)

Top IRC Quotes and edits I have spotted[edit]

"<11:57> (Demiurge1000) I wanted to find out if his company could assist with the supply of the Pirate Memory game (ages 4 to 8)"

Best. ref. ever.

And something amusing for those who read to the bottom :P