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Sometimes I'm more active on Wikipedia than others, and my activity levels may change dramatically without warning. If you want me to see or do something, your best bet is to put a note on my talk page, as I may not be reviewing my watch list. Even then I may not get involved, or may stop being involved without warning or notice. It's not personal, it's just how editing Wikipedia works best for me.

Possible conflicts of interest[edit]

I often edit articles of interest to me, but I have particular conflicts of interest on the following articles and articles relating to them. I may update them and related articles, but I intend to maintain NPOV for any updates, and I try to make a point of always citing sources for changes I make.

If you think I'm breaching WP:COI, please revert first. If you do, I'd be grateful for a note on my talk page or the article talk page explaining where you think I've gone wrong. (And if the discussion's on the article talk page, a note pointing me to it on my talk page would be very much appreciated.)

  • I am an employee of Metaswitch as a software developer. Public relations and so on are not part of my job; I receive no reward from Metaswitch for any edits I make to Wikipedia (although I do occasionally edit when I should probably be working…).
  • I consider authors Frances Hardinge and Adrian Czajkowski to be friends.


There's no specific order here, but the count is to help me keep it at 10 items or less. If it gets more than that I'll delete things; there's no point in me keeping tasks I'm never going to complete.

  1. Tidy up citations and presentation in List of SIP response codes (Goal: WP:FL)
  2. Tidy up/merge High availability, Class of 9s and Nines (engineering)
  3. Improve Maia (video game) (Goal: WP:FOUR?)
  4. Rewrite Sequoia Capital
  5. Rewrite Metaswitch Networks
  6. Improve Paris Lees
  7. Improve and expand CN Lester
  8. Adjust {{Single notice}} to match style and syntax of {{Templatesnotice}}
  9. Improve Advanced Global Trading per Talk:Advanced Global Trading#Carbon credit complaints
  10. Cover The Independent on Sunday's 2013 Pink List, creating articles for folk who don't have them and adding covering for those who do. Ready-to-use cites at User:me_and/Sandbox


I'd quite like to be an admin. I've seen the useful things other admins do, and I've seen things that I'd like to help with. I don't think I'm ready yet (or at least I think it would be very unlikely for me to achieve adminship if I nominated myself), but here's a bit of reading to get started:

Projects &c.[edit]

Here's some potentially interesting projects I may join at some point…