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Shining Stars is a spinoff of Wikipedian of the..., my previous award program. This program will feature both repeats from WOT... and brand new users. It's similar to WOT..., but uses different periods of time, and the awards are more barnstar-like.

  • Everyday, one user will be awarded the Red Star for kindness, helpfulness, or just being a great user. The Red Star is kind of like WOTD, except it's more barnstar-like.
  • Every three days, a user who has received the Red Star will receive a higher award, the Orange Star.
  • Every nine days, or every three Orange Stars, a user who was awarded the Orange Star will be given a higher award, the Yellow Star.
  • Every 27 days, or three Yellow Stars, a user who has received the Yellow Star would receive the shiniest award of all, the Blue Star.

Cycle #2 (December 7, 2009 - January 2010)[edit]

Cycle #2 will start on December 7, 2009. The first nine Red Stars will consist of repeats from Cycle #1; the repeats will be users who didn't receive the Orange Star in Cycle #1. One of the repeats will receive the Yellow Star. The other 18 users will be all new users who have never received a Shining Star.

Cycle #2
Red Star Orange Star Yellow Star Blue Star
October 28 December 7 Willking1979 Coldplay Expert Alansohn
November 3 December 8 iMatthew
November 6 December 9 Coldplay Expert
November 10 December 10 Martin451 Alansohn
November 12 December 11 Alansohn
November 16 December 12 Tiptoety
November 19 December 15 Mentifisto Twilight Helryx
November 24 December 16 Twilight Helryx
November 28 December 17 Favonian
December 19 LadyofShalott LadyofShalott
December 21 Thejadefalcon
December 22 HalfShadow
December 23 Masem
December 28 Fetchcomms

Cycle 1 (October 28, 2009 - December 1, 2009)[edit]