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Writing is a hobby, and all forms of writing interest me, excepting perhaps poetry, which I am clueless at. I have tried blogging, written manuals and a non fiction book, articles and reviews.

I like the fact that on Wikipedia there is no individual attribution, whatever you do you have to let go, because it can be moved, deleted or changed by others. This is a good thing for a writer's ego. Contributing to an easily accessible, logically organised pool of human understanding is also not a bad thing to do with your spare time either.

Current Work[edit]

Not focused on Wikipedia at present.


May do some more minor work on Australian Science Fiction writers with research already collected for pages completed, but finished the main work I had planned to do at beginning of 2009 now and moving on to other things. Not likely to do much in remainder of 2010.


Finished work on expansion, referencing and reorganisation of Rob Hood.

Rewriting and expanding Jack Dann. Did a major rewrite of this article. Recently reworked and added more material and references, almost complete now

Created and expanded article on Richard Harland. Have done all the work I feel I can for the time being, excepting some tweak edits.

Initial, basic expansion of Lucy Sussex from a stub.

Copy editing on The Painted Man

Rewriting, improving academic referencing, reorganising and copy editing on The War of the Worlds

Doing a bit of basic tidying up of some Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom related articles. Did some bits of pieces across this, but ended up doing most of the work on the Barsoom article.

On individual books most work on A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars and Chessmen of Mars, reasonably extensive work on Thuvia, Maid of Mars, basic work on The Warlord of Mars.

Did much further work on Barsoom and fairly extensive work on the first 5 novels of the series. May return to further develop and tidy up this work.

Added referencing to Percival Lowell

Expansion of School story.

Expansion and referencing of Angela Brazil.

Expansion, copy editing and referencing for The Magician's Nephew. Have left the themes and interpretations section to come back too later.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - some expansion and referencing

Pages Created[edit]