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mfc is Mike Cowlishaw (M. F. Cowlishaw). I'm a retired IBM Fellow and also a Visiting Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick (52°23′01″N 1°33′37″W / 52.38361°N 1.56028°W / 52.38361; -1.56028); for more about me, please see: There's also a WikiPedia article about me, which is reasonably accurate (as of this writing).

I have mostly contributed to existing Wikipedia articles in the general area of computing and computer arithmetic. Articles which I ‘founded’ include Algorism, Battle of El Mazuco, Densely Packed Decimal, El Mazuco, Fabada Asturiana, (much of) IEEE 754 revision and IEEE floating point, Llanes, Meré, Significand, and Wallace Breem.


I've contributed a few of my photographs to Wikipedia, including: