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Hi there! Welcome my user page.

I'm Mz7, and I am a volunteer editor at Wikipedia. I made my first edits to Wikipedia in 2008 as an anonymous user. I created an account in March 2010, but I really only started actively editing in late 2011. Most of my work here is behind-the-scenes:

I have an alternative user account called User:Mz7 (alt) which I use on public or otherwise unsafe computers. In the past, I have edited using other accounts: see here for a list of my past accounts.

Well, if you've read this far in my userpage, you must be bored. Well then, click here for a random article to read (and, if you can, improve). The link is also available in the left toolbar. Below are some current events that are in the news.

I'll see you around! —Mz7

Current events[edit]

Luis Enrique

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