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The Signpost
25 March 2015
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Welcome to my user page.

If you're interested, I've written a short essay on "How I survive Wikipedia", and another on the citation habit. I also wrote an opinion piece on the Wikipedia Education Program which appeared in the Signpost in December 2011.

You can see a portrait of me here, under "Portraits", painted by a friend.

I started out as User:Coldchrist; I changed my user name fairly quickly to my real name. I am also User:SpringHarbor, under which name I have only one edit, done out of an interest in WP:NEWT.

I am also User:Mike Christie on an iPhone, which was used as you might expect; accidental rollback is a common problem on iPhones, so a separate account allowed me to keep the rollback feature turned on for this account. However, I have found a great solution to this; see here if you have an iPhone and are running into the same problem.

Reference library[edit]

I thought it might be useful to other editors to know what books I have, so here is a list. Please feel free to ask me to look up anything in any of these works. I've initially have just put the books I have found most useful. I will add more periodically.

Bede links[edit]

User:Ealdgyth/Bede materials

Patrologia Latina Bede:


Articles I am in the middle of reviewing or want to look at.


Where I've been[edit]

Places I've been:

Years: Flag of England.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Wales.svg Flag of the United States.svg
Months: Flag of Scotland.svg Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Weeks: Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Kenya.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Norway.svg Flag of South Korea.svg
Days: Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Brazil.svg
Hours: Flag of India.svg Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Gibraltar.svg Flag of Turkey.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of the Vatican City.svg

U.S. states I've been to:

Years: Flag of Texas.svg Flag of New York.svg
Months: Flag of Colorado.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Michigan.svg
Weeks: Flag of California.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of Louisiana.svg Flag of Maine.svg Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of New Mexico.svg Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Flag of Vermont.svg
Days: Flag of Arkansas.svg Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg Flag of Oregon.svg Flag of South Carolina.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg
Less than one day: Flag of Arizona.svg Flag of Connecticut.svg Flag of Delaware.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Missouri.svg Flag of New Hampshire.svg Flag of Oklahoma.svg Flag of Washington.svg

Articles I have worked on[edit]

The following are featured articles or good articles that I was instrumental in getting to those levels:

Good articles

Featured articles. Starting in February 2015, I'm going to add links below to the FAC reviews I've done while each of the articles below was at FAC. I'm doing this to ensure that I stick to my goal of doing at least six FACs reviews for every article I nominate, and also, I hope, to encourage other editors to review more FACs.

  1. Ace Books 4 Sep 06; TFA 6 Dec 12
  2. Asser 28 Apr 07
  3. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 25 May 07; TFA 1 Oct 08
  4. Æthelbald of Mercia 4 Jun 07
  5. Ælle of Sussex 13 Jun 07; TFA 7 Jan 08
  6. Æthelberht of Kent 28 Jun 07
  7. Ceawlin of Wessex 7 Jul 07
  8. Cædwalla of Wessex 6 Aug 07; TFA 9 Sep 09
  9. Fantastic Universe 25 Aug 07; TFA 31 Jan 10
  10. Ine of Wessex 31 Aug 07
  11. Egbert of Wessex 17 Sep 07
  12. Eadbald of Kent 28 Sep 07; TFA 2 Dec 09
  13. Authentic Science Fiction 8 Oct 07
  14. Beyond Fantasy Fiction 14 Oct 07; TFA 1 Jan 09
  15. Wihtred of Kent 22 Oct 07
  16. Wiglaf of Mercia 4 Nov 07
  17. Eardwulf of Northumbria 4 Dec 07 (conomination with Angus McLellan)
  18. Wulfhere of Mercia 22 Dec 07; TFA 25 Apr 10
  19. Offa of Mercia 22 Jan 08
  20. Imagination (magazine) 27 Jan 08; TFA 28 Sep 09
  21. Aldfrith of Northumbria 11 Feb 08 (conomination with Angus McLellan)
  22. Coenwulf of Mercia 20 Feb 08
  23. If (magazine) 5 Mar 08; TFA 18 Sep 10
  24. Æthelred of Mercia 22 Mar 08; TFA 9 Feb 15
  25. Amazing Stories 31 Oct 08 (conomination with Swtpc6800)
  26. Wonder Stories 31 Dec 08
  27. Coenred of Mercia 9 Jan 09; TFA 25 Jun 11
  28. Beorhtwulf of Mercia 31 Jan 09 (conomination with Angus McLellan)
  29. Galaxy Science Fiction 23 Oct 10
  30. Venture Science Fiction 26 Nov 10
  31. Fantastic (magazine) 16 Jan 11
  32. Startling Stories 8 Feb 11
  33. Planet Stories 19 Mar 11
  34. Fantastic Adventures 3 Apr 11
  35. Unknown (magazine) 14 Apr 11
  36. Science Fantasy (magazine) 6 May 11
  37. Nebula Science Fiction 27 May 11
  38. Astonishing Stories 10 Jul 11
  39. Super Science Stories 23 Aug 11
  40. New Worlds (magazine) 14 Oct 12 (conomination with Nikkimaria)
  41. Famous Fantastic Mysteries 24 Apr 13
  42. Fantastic Novels 9 Jul 14
  43. Future Science Fiction and Science Fiction Stories 20 Oct 14
  44. Science Fiction Quarterly 19 Nov 2014
  45. Marvel Science Stories 5 January 2015
  46. The Thrill Book 5 February 2015
  47. Cosmic Stories and Stirring Science Stories. Reviews: Girl Pat (1935 trawler), Taiko, American Arts Commemorative Series medallions, Battle of Malvern Hill, German–Yugoslav Partisan negotiations, Keen Johnson, God of War III, Uncle David, St. Elmo (1914 film), M-theory, Sardines (Inside No. 9), 2014 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final, Texas Revolution

At FAC: Radiocarbon dating. Reviews: Love It to Death, Mark Oliphant, Blackrock (film).