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British Library British Museum Act 1902 Archival Sound Recordings Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections, British Library Category:British Library collections Category:British Library templates British Museum Reading Room Burney Collection of Newspapers Category:Employees of the British Library English Short Title Catalogue Friends of the British Library Incunabula Short Title Catalogue India Office Records Lectionary 193 National Preservation Office Paston Letters Royal Commission on the British Museum The British Museum Library: a Short History and Survey Thomason Collection of Civil War Tracts Turning the Pages Category:British Library-related stubs British Library, Add. 5995 British Library, Add. 12137 British Library, Add. 12140 British Library, Add. 14448 British Library, Add. 14449 British Library, Add. 14453 British Library, Add. 14454 British Library, Add. 14455 British Library, Add. 14457 British Library, Add. 14459 British Library, Add. 14462 British Library, Add. 14466 British Library, Add. 14467 British Library, Add. 14470 British Library, Add. 14479 British Library, Add. 14669 British Library, Add. 17124 British Library, Add. 40618 (Gospel Book) British Library, Add. 74236 British Library Philatelic Collections British Library Sound Archive Codex Arundel Codex Sinaiticus Cotton library Category:Cotton Library Dead Sea Scrolls Diamond Sutra Egerton 1994 Category:Egerton collection Fécamp Bible Category:Harleian Collection Harold Pinter Archive Inventory of Henry VIII of England Khamsa of Nizami (British Library, Or. 12208) Klencke Atlas Lawrence Durrell Collection Lectionary 183 Lectionary 187 Luttrell Psalter Magna Carta Minuscule 449 Minuscule 501 Minuscule 502 Minuscule 503 Minuscule 504 Minuscule 547 Minuscule 548 Minuscule 549 Minuscule 550 Minuscule 551 Minuscule 552 Minuscule 553 Minuscule 554 Minuscule 644 My Ladye Nevells Booke Oriental MS 1316 Oriental MS 426 Oriental MS 1001 Sherborne Missal St Mary-le-Bow public debates Stavelot Bible Stonyhurst Gospel Category:Stowe manuscripts Tetraevangelia of Ivan Alexander Tutinama Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Bede, Ecclesiastical History (British Library, MS Cotton Tiberius C. II) Cleanness Coronation Gospels (British Library, Cotton MS Tiberius A.ii) Cotton Genesis De Iniusta Vexacione Willelmi Episcopi Primi Heliand Hemming's Cartulary Ismere Diploma Lectionary 23 Lindisfarne Gospels List of manuscripts in the Cotton library Nowell Codex Otho-Corpus Gospels Matthew Paris Patience (poem) Pearl (poem) Rune Poems Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The Battle of Maldon The Owl and the Nightingale Vespasian Psalter Winchester Psalter Breton Gospel Book (British Library, MS Egerton 609) Egerton 1782 Egerton 88 Egerton Gospel Gospel Book (British Library, MS Egerton 768) Melisende Psalter The Pilgrimage of the Soul Thomas Astle Book of Nunnaminster Gospels of Mael Brigte Harleian genealogies Harley 1775 Harley Psalter Lacnunga Lectionary 25 Lectionary 150 Lectionary 151 Lectionary 152 List of manuscripts of Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Minuscule 65 Minuscule 72 Minuscule 104 Minuscule 110 Minuscule 113 Minuscule 114 Minuscule 115 Minuscule 116 Minuscule 117 Minuscule 321 Minuscule 322 Minuscule 385 Minuscule 444 Minuscule 445 Minuscule 446 Minuscule 447 Minuscule 448 Minuscule 505 Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer Ramsey Psalter Codex Seidelianus I South English Legendary John Stow Stowe 2 (Psalter) Stowe 54 (Histoire ancienne) Stowe Breviary Template:WikiProject British Library User:Rock drum/BL button User:Rock drum/BL stub button Template:British-Library-stub Janet Backhouse David Beech Idris Bell Michelle P. Brown Edward Edwards (librarian) Richard Garnett (philologist) Eric Grinstead Joseph Planta (librarian) Alfred W. Pollard Julian Roberts Theodore Cressy Skeat Chinchen Collection Tapling Collection