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Me with my wife, Emma, and daughter, Julie May, at our daughter's eighteenth birthday party.

Mike Nassau (Michael E Nassau) I am a Melungeon by ethnicity, Mestee by race (Old mixture of Black, White and Native American), librarian by profession, population geneticist by training. Research areas: Melungeon ethnicity and breeding dairy cattle for the tropics. Wrote book, Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups, in 1994. Long history as civil rights activist, taught school in Zambia for six years. Interested in ADD and in English spelling reform and phonetic writing. Attended Unitarian-Universalist theological school, interested in liberal religion, Pantheism and Freethought. Now retired, moved from Florida to Philippines in 2002, then to Salinas, California in 2006. In Salinas, I am a substitute teacher in the high schools.

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