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Too Much Information

About Me

I can has words

Writing is my first love. Which is not to say I'm great at it. I mostly just don't suck; I can string a decent sentence together, but I am the queen of typos. Consequently, my primary focus on Wikipedia is likely to be sections of articles where the text itself is the major problem. I guess it's no surprise I got sucked into plot summaries right off the bat. I mostly play with movie plots but I've poked at plots for video games, TV episodes, and books, too.

I welcome suggestions on my talk page, if you know of a plot that needs whacking. I'm mostly a genre nerd so the odds of my working on an article dramatically increases if it involves time travel, space battles, zombies, or wizards. That said, as long as Dane Cook is not involved, I'm willing to give a romcom a try.

Peeves (as in pet)

  • Irregardless: If you use this "word" I will have a very hard time taking you seriously. I will probably mock you mercilessly. IMO, it's worth getting banned for it if just one person realizes they are speaking gibberish.
  • General consensus: Redundant redundant
  • It is shown that "it is shown" may be one of the most abused phrases in the fiction related articles on Wikipedia.
  • The film begins is no way to start a plot summary.
  • Mixed to generally positive reviews is sort of to essentially meaningless.
  • He is the secondary antagonist of the film And wikipedia is not your book report. Reverted.

Stuff to poke


Unless otherwise noted, these all need plot trimming and/or polishing.

  • An American Crime - reception - check article and own talk page archives. Wrote once, eaten by the worst USB port to ever make it out of the factory.
  • The Fast and the Furious Franchise page has full plots. A lot of tables that should be prose. Questionable extraneous info (ratings, etc.).
  • Lilo & Stitch (franchise)
  • 12 Rounds (film)
  • Blackout (2008 American film). Sweet jeebus.
  • You're Next
  • From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money
  • Bee Movie
  • Endless Love (2014 film)
  • The Land Before Time (series) Individual film articles need polish for that juvenile writing that all kid's films attract.
  • Poseidon (film) I was watching this plot for bloat for a while until a small edit war over the most trivial details (that were bloating the length by ridiculous degrees considering how trivial said details are) cropped up. Restored a trimmed version from article history that is still too long. But it needs massive polish and that will probably cut the length from 900 words to about 600.
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (film) Got a teensy bit rebloated because of "the film does this" language (which I abhor unless it's necessary for clarification, such as in a film with abrupt time shifts). Before any trimming, double check article history to see if the one right after the edit war died down is a massive improvement or if some of the bloat was actually polishing out awkward grammar.
  • The Fly (1986 film) A lot of superfluous flourishes that are a bit interpretative and a lot redundant.
  • The Lego Movie 850ish words so not quite long enough to tag. Really just needs that kids' films juvenile writing polish.
  • Paranormal Activity Check talk page. Told an IP I'd look into adding a reference to the parodies section because he didn't know how to do citation stuff. Definitely kill this one by this weekend since it should be an easy fix.
  • Farscape Check talk page and my own talk page. IP has an interest in updating the genre to sci fantasy or sci fi/fantasy and dropped a source on my talk page. Not sure I can find more to corroborate the genre switch (which is honestly fairly minor) but the show at large certainly fits that billing so I'll see what I can dig up.

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