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The National POW MIA Memorial at the Riverside National Cemetery
The National POW MIA Memorial at the Riverside National Cemetery
Name Jim

Mississippi Mississippi Illinois Illinois (roots)

California California (raised)
Country  [[|]]
Current location Riverside, California
Time zone Pacific
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Wikipedia Interests[edit]

To date my primary contributions to Wikipedia are focused on the City of Riverside, California and the County of Riverside, California. I am a member of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Inland Empire.

I have spent significant time locating and categorizing all articles related to the City and County of Riverside. Organizing the information into categories has helped acquaint me with what has already been developed, and it simplifies cross-referencing information on related articles. I intend to update and add articles as I locate suitable source materials. I currently have a small but growing personal collection of books and other source materials to pull from.

I feel I have a particular knack for organizing information in a clear and coherent manner, and would be happy to assist, if you want some help or suggestions. I also enjoy doing research, and prefer to have a reliable source for any information I add to Wikipedia. I hope you find my efforts helpful.

Thoughts on collaboration[edit]

I believe "Collaboration is the key to unlocking the power of diversity". If we are willing to listen, willing to try and put aside our own emotions and bias, and remain willing to change our perspective or understanding, we open ourselves to learning from the diverse experiences of everyone around us. People then have a much better chance of achieving mutual objectives with superior results.

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