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A picture of me, MisterDub, looking over the Missouri River.

MisterDub is a Database and Applications Analyst and avid reader of philosophy, especially ethics and political philosophy. He is a physicalist who accepts the evidence-based account Big History provides while rejecting supernatural, paranormal, and other mystical claims as either falsified, unsubstantiated, or unnecessarily complex. MisterDub is also a libertarian: he believes that animals uniquely endowed with the emergent property of agency—which includes, but may not be limited to, humans—have individual sovereignty, and therefore violence and coercion against these sentient organisms are inherently immoral. MisterDub identifies primarily as a libertarian[note 1], but accepts the labels social ecologist, anarchist[note 2], and socialist[note 3] as well.


MisterDub feels there is a tendency of editors to use Wikipedia as either a forum for debate or a platform to advance one's own beliefs. He cautions against these behaviors, as he feels it is not only disruptive to other editors, but leads to disjointed, incoherent copy; remember that mere juxtaposition is not synthesis.


  1. ^ MisterDub believes in personal autonomy and egalitarianism, and therefore promotes left-libertarianism while strongly criticizing the adulation of private property intrinsic to right-libertarianism.
  2. ^ MisterDub promotes anarchism without adjectives, but favors individualist anarchism, libertarian municipalism, and anarcho-syndicalism.
  3. ^ MisterDub emphasizes that free markets, which other left-wing market anarchists refer to as freed markets, are not only anti-capitalist, but fall within the libertarian socialist tradition. He also considers himself an utopian socialist.


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