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Μіκε Ј. Βгошη (mjb) has been contributing to Wikipedia since August 2002. He is a former professional Web technology consultant.

Since 1992, Μіκε has been co-administrator of Hyperreal, a home for informational and community resources related to electronic music, rave culture, and altered states of consciousness. From 1994 to 2000, he was also co-administrator of

Some of Μіκε's music reviews appeared in URB magazine in the mid-1990s. His profile of the experimental pop group The Art of Noise was published in the encyclopedic album guides Musichound R&B (1st. ed.; 1998; ISBN 1-57859-026-4) and Musichound Rock (2nd. ed.; 1999; ISBN 1-57859-061-2). Mike also served as technical editor for the Addison-Wesley book XQuery: The XML Query Language by Michael Brundage (2004; ISBN 0-321-16581-0), and contributed to the second edition of the O'Reilly Python Cookbook (2005; ISBN 0-596-00797-3).

From 2001 to 2006, Μіκε was one of the core developers of 4Suite, a toolkit for XML and RDF processing in the Python programming language. He self-published articles and resources related to XML, XSLT, URIs, and character encoding on his own web site, and also contributed to the development of the specifications governing those technologies. In 2005, he was inducted into The XML Guild, an association of some of the best independent XML consultants in the world.

On Discogs, Μіκε was (until such roles were eliminated in early 2008) an editor and a moderator of electronic music submissions. On DMOZ, he was (briefly) an editor in the Roller Derby category.


On Wikipedia, Μіκε created, rewrote, or otherwise made significant contributions to many articles in his areas of expertise, including

…and many other topics of personal, sometimes passing interest.

Conflict of interest[edit]

As per the Conflict of Interest behavioral guideline, Μіκε made a COI declaration for the Denver Roller Dolls article; see Talk:Denver Roller Dolls#Conflict of interest.


Μіκε has a presence on Wikisource.

Μіκε has some advice for Wikipedians (just some copy editing tips).

Μіκε lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA.

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