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Dr Matt Harrison, BTech (Biotech) (Hons) PhD, is a bioinformatics scientist, specialising in Glycobiology. He has previously worked at the Centenary Institute (Sydney), European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge UK), the Australian Proteomics Analysis Facility, and Macquarie University.

Matt started out his career in protein/carbohydrate biochemistry, which slowly metamorphasised into protein/carbohydrate bioinformatics in response to the sheer amount of time he found himself interpreting the results of his experiments versus actually performing them. He has since unwaveringly devoted himself to mercilessly reducing these interpretation/discovery chokepoints through software and algorithm development wherever possible. These days, he spends all his days in front of a computer instead of a mass spectrometer, but at least he gets to work with some pretty impressive computers.

His achievements to date include the production of a score or so scientific publications/book chapters, a PhD thesis, a few patents, a proteomics LIMS, and a couple of fairly well known Carbohydrate databases as well as dozens of scripts and research tools. He has also managed to achieve some offspring.