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I'm trying to start a blog, The Permanent Press (I'm clever with the naming stuff, huh?) but I could actually get a life and not keep up with it. We'll see.

Favorite Wikipedia quotes:[edit]

"Note that EHS doesn't, in fact, cause the head to explode." -from Exploding head syndrome

"He is also the creator of Class Struggle, the world's first Marxist board game" -from Bertell Ollman

"Pages in category "Trotskyist organisations": There are 153 pages in this section of this category."

From the High-IQ Department...[edit]

Dear Cecil:

I think my roommate is having sex with his cats. Could you explain the biological reasons why cats can't be impregnated by human beings? --T.S., Chicago

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Articles I have created:[edit]



Syncretic Politics

Nine Unknown Men


Alexander of Abonutichus

Prisoner's cinema

Uzkok War


Advameg (spammer). See my talk page for the odyssey of Advameg. The article ended up deleted, but I ruffled some spammer feathers along the way!

Articles I have made a big contribution to, substantially cleaned up, etc.[edit]




Legio XV Apollinaris

I've contributed to many more... haven't really kept track.

Categories I have created:[edit]

Syncretic political movements (deleted because it wasn't "binary" whatever that means)

Economic ideologies

Economic disasters

Mythical places

Userboxes I have created:[edit]

Neo-Tribalist userbox (see above)

Alchemy userbox - I'm not particularly interested in alchemy but I thought it would be a cool userbox to have.

An example of bad Wikipedia writing[edit]

"2150 AD: A venture into the world of the future that can change your world now is a 1976 novel by Thea Alexander that was published in 1976."