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My real name is Michael. I live near Seattle, Washington in the US.

I began editing Wikipedia in the summer of 2005. Although I mostly just do vandal patrol and minor edits, I do get excited about some articles and really take them on. I sometimes add my own images to articles. I have a strong allergy to popular culture sections that infest many articles, and I have deleted a few.

Some idea of my interests may be seen from the sections below.

Some pages I have started, or brought from stubs to real articles[edit]

300 Club --- Aqua Marcia --- Aqua Virgo --- Dives in Misericordia --- Ineffabilis Deus --- Latin War --- List of aqueducts in the city of Rome --- Meta Sudans --- Misenum --- Montargis --- Munificentissimus Deus --- Norchia --- Palazzo Venezia --- Pons Fabricius --- Porta Maggiore --- Redemptor Hominis --- Roman aqueduct --- Sacerdotalis Caelibatus --- Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic --- Veritatis Splendor --- Via Ostiensis --- Westminster Abbey (British Columbia)

Some pages where I have contributed[edit]

Albertus Magnus --- Anacortes, Washington --- Apostolic constitution --- Arbutus --- Aurelian Walls --- Ave verum corpus --- Beatific vision --- Bertie Wooster --- Blake Island --- Bremerton, Washington --- Campus Martius --- Castel Sant'Angelo --- Cody, Wyoming --- Colosseum --- Coriolanus (play) --- Così fan tutte --- Cosmatesque --- Cow tipping --- Criticisms of The Da Vinci Code --- Dante Alighieri --- De revolutionibus orbium coelestium --- Der Rosenkavalier --- Dies Irae --- Divine Mercy Sunday --- Don Giovanni --- Francis Beaufort --- Fraser River --- G. K. Chesterton --- George Weigel --- Georges Bernanos --- Gianna Beretta Molla --- Harlan Mills --- HMS Assurance (1646) --- HMS Namur (1756) --- HMS Rupert (1666) --- Humanae Vitae --- Just a Minute --- Lapland War --- Legio X Fretensis --- Lincolnshire Poacher (folk song) --- Lockheed U-2 --- Manchester, Washington --- Marsala --- Mary (mother of Jesus) --- Michael (archangel) --- Mike Goff --- Monessen, Pennsylvania --- Mortal sin --- Mount Vesuvius --- Olympic Mountains --- P. G. Wodehouse --- Pacific Madrone --- Palestrina --- Paul Bunyan Statue --- Pigna (rione of Rome) --- Pitchers who have struck out three batters on nine pitches --- Pope Benedict XVI --- Pope Clement IX --- Pope John Paul II --- Pope John XXII --- Pope Paul VI --- Port Orchard, Washington --- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard --- Roman Navy --- Ronald Knox --- Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri --- Santa Maria sopra Minerva --- Santa Sabina --- ScanEagle --- Scrabble --- Scott Hahn --- Servian Wall --- Shipping Forecast --- String Quartet No. 13 (Beethoven) --- Suetonius --- Tacoma Narrows Bridge --- Temple of Venus and Roma --- Tessera --- The Magic Flute --- The Marriage of Figaro --- Theology of the Body --- Tuff --- USS Great Sitkin (AE-17) --- USS Turner Joy (DD-951) --- Veii --- Villa Giulia --- Volsci --- War of the Worlds (radio) --- Winterreise

Where I've been[edit]

Years: Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Hawaii.svg Flag of California.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of the Bahamas.svg Flag of Washington.svg Flag of Maryland.svg
Months (non-US): Flag of British Columbia.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Rome.svg Flag of Ontario.svg
Weeks: Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Greece.svg Provence flag.svg
Days: Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of the Vatican City.svg Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Quebec.svg Flag of Sicily.svg
Hours: Flag of Alberta.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Flag of Wales 2.svg Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg
Not yet, but on my wish list: Flag of Israel.svg Flag of Turkey.svg Flag of Malta.svg Flag of Croatia.svg Flag of Alaska.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Iceland.svg
Idea plagiarized from Picapica, etc.

Some of my photos and images[edit]