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Hello I am a proud Latin Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg

Flag of Portugal.svg This user comes from Portugal.

STB.png I am from the city of Setúbal

I am a proud PortugueseFlag of Portugal.svg

Cultural descendant from the most ancient civilization in Europe, the Minoan Civilization, in Crete (Greece) Knossos Palais 2.JPG Knossos fresco women.jpg Disque de Phaistos A.jpg Knossos bull.jpg

I am an Iberian, though not an "Iberista" (defender of a merger of Portugal and Spain) and a proud Southern European

Flag of Spain.svg

Flag of Galicia.svg Flag of the Basque Country.svg Flag of Catalonia.svg Flag of Extremadura with COA.svg Flag of Andalucía.svg Flag of Asturias.svg

Flag of Andorra.svg

Flag of Italy.svg

Flag of Tuscany.svg Flag of Campania.png Coat of Arms of the Republic of Venice.svg Sicilian Flag.svg

Flag of San Marino.svg

Flag of Greece.svg

Flag of Cyprus.svg

Flag of Malta.svg

Brother of the other European Latin people

Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Moldova.svg

Brother of my neighbours in the South, 30 minutes away by plane, with whom we share a lot of history and to whom we have to thank for the probably most advanced intelectual period of our nation's history (and Spanish as well), as well for a period of remarkable coexistence and tolerance between Christians, Muslims and Jews - Not Dark Ages for us, in Iberia, unlike the rest of Europe (apart, perhaps, from the Byzantine Empire)! Shame on the Inquisition! (Morocco: 63% Berbers, 37% Arabs) Flag of Morocco.svg

I'm a brother of all of Latin American peoples (though I just show some flags here) Flag of Brazil.svgBandeira da cidade do Rio de Janeiro.svgFlag of Argentina.svgFlag of Uruguay.svgFlag of Paraguay.svgFlag of Venezuela.svgFlag of Colombia.svgFlag of Cuba.svgFlag of Guatemala.svgFlag of Mexico.svgFlag of Peru.svgFlag of Bolivia.svg

I'm a Bachellor of Economics in Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a Post-Graduate in International Accountancy and Taxation in the ISCTE-IUL, in Lisbon. I'm a Social-Democrat of the Nordic kind. I lived in Denmark, but I love the Swedish mentality! . Nevertheless, I support Alexis Tsipras in Greece. I'm anti-Fascist, against Fascists in disguise who oppose Fascists with another jackets, I'm for the self-determination of peoples, though through democratic ways, I'm pro-Jews anti-Jewish belicism and pro-Muslims anti-Jihadists, I'm agnostic and secular, though I sympathize with Buddhism. I'm a native speaker of Portuguese, I have a very good knowledge of English and Spanish and a fair knowledge of Italian and French.


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