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I'm a Physicist-turned-Computer Scientist from New York. I have a Bachelor's degree in Physics and I'm currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science.

I'm also participating in a research group in campus creating agent-based models in Java. I have working knowledge in Web Development (PHP, mySQL, Javascript/jQuery, CSS, HTML5) and created a couple of small extensions. I also work with Java and Perl and have some limited experience with C and C++.

I'm a firm believer in free access and open source tools. My personal website is also available, and contains some web and programming projects I've done lately.

GSoC2013 Project[edit]

My Google Summer of Code project will focus on providing better RTL Support in VisualEditor. I've already started submitting code fixes as I'm delving into the VisualEditor codebase, and I am hoping to get more community feedback from the hebrew Wikipedia so I can help aim the solution to the users. My mentor this summer is Amir Aharoni and I am also working with James Forrester and the great team of VisualEditor.

Take a look at the full full proposal here.

Feedback is always appreciated!