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Hello, I am Moogwrench. If you are wondering what that means, it comes from a misinterpretation of lyrics in a Slayer song (I forget which one). My friend thought he heard that in the lyrics of the song back when we were teenagers. We joked about it, and I have used the nickname ever since.

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About me[edit]

I am an educator in California, where I teach Biology at a high school. I am fluent in Spanish, and have lived on and off in Honduras for the last 12 years. I have a A.A. in Computer Information Systems, a B.A. in History and Science, an M.A. in Education, and I am currently working on my M.A. in History, with an emphasis on the Middle Ages.

Not a perfect Wikipedian[edit]

I am not perfect with regard to the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia (though I try my best), so please, have a little patience with me. I have made many mistakes, a few large ones and a lot of smaller ones, due to ignorance, not maliciousness. Please try to remember that and assume good faith. Thanks! I tend towards being an inclusionist in my editing style but that only goes as far as to include an article whose subject is properly sourced and reasonably notable.


Moogwrench in Honduras during 'coup'.JPG

Honduras is near and dear to my heart and a second home. My wife happens to be from there, and we visit as often as we can and have many friends there. My wife was in Honduras when the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis came to a head with the ouster of Manuel Zelaya from the presidency, and I went down there about a couple of weeks later. I try to be neutral but some people are completely wedded to one side or the other of the conflict. My wife's uncle would listen to Radio Globo every day to receive instructions from his "comandante" (Zelaya) and to hear his plans for a return to the presidency, and one of my best friends, a lawyer in Comayagua, was glad that Honduran authorities had finally, in his mind, done the right thing by kicking Zelaya out of office (though he, along with almost everyone else in the country, pro-Zelaya or not, acknowledges that exiling him was the wrong thing to do).

Here I am near the RNP (Registro Nacional de Personas) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras during the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis with some anti-golpista graffiti behind me:

The "MacDonald" in the photo is reference to a political cartoonist who was arrested by the Micheletti government after the "coup." "Don Victor" is a anti-coup figure. You can see part of the words "Golpista Gorilletty" on the left-hand side, a reference to Roberto Micheletti.

Contributions and items of interest[edit]


I have created the following pages (not counting redirects and disambiguations, of course):

Substantial contributions[edit]

I have contributed substantially to the following pages:


XfD's to which I have lent my opinion and/or !vote, or have participated in as a non-admin closer:

Items of interest[edit]

Things that I am interested in, but that I am getting around to looking at:

User pages and other useful links[edit]

These are a few user pages I have been working on:


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