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Plain name Specific name
Enborne Enborne, Berkshire
Enderby Enderby, Leicestershire
Endon and Stanley Endon and Stanley, Staffordshire
Enford Enford, Wiltshire
Englefield Englefield, Berkshire
English Bicknor English Bicknor, Gloucestershire
Englishcombe Englishcombe, Somerset
Enmore Enmore, Somerset
Ennerdale and Kinniside Ennerdale and Kinniside, Cumbria
Enstone Enstone, Oxfordshire
Enville Enville, Staffordshire
Epperstone Epperstone, Nottinghamshire
Epping Epping, Essex
Epping Upland Epping Upland, Essex
Eppleby Eppleby, North Yorkshire
Epwell Epwell, Oxfordshire
Epworth Epworth, Lincolnshire
Erbistock Erbistock, Wrexham
Ercall Magna Ercall Magna, Shropshire
Eriswell Eriswell, Suffolk
Erlestoke Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Ermington Ermington, Devon
Erpingham Erpingham, Norfolk
Erringden Erringden, West Yorkshire
Erwood Erwood, Powys
Eryholme Eryholme, North Yorkshire
Esclusham Esclusham, Wrexham
Escrick Escrick, North Yorkshire
Esh Esh, County Durham
Eshton Eshton, North Yorkshire
Eskdale Eskdale, Cumbria
Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby, North Yorkshire
Essendine Essendine, Rutland
Essendon Essendon, Hertfordshire
Essington Essington, Staffordshire
Etchilhampton Etchilhampton, Wiltshire
Etchingham Etchingham, East Sussex
Etherley Etherley, County Durham
Eton Eton, Berkshire
Ettington Ettington, Warwickshire
Etton Etton, East Riding of Yorkshire
as above Etton, Cambridgeshire
Etwall Etwall, Derbyshire
Euston Euston, Suffolk
Euxton Euxton, Lancashire
Evenley Evenley, Northamptonshire
Evenlode Evenlode, Gloucestershire
Evenwood and Barony Evenwood and Barony, County Durham
Evercreech Evercreech, Somerset
Everdon Everdon, Northamptonshire
Everingham Everingham, East Riding of Yorkshire
Everleigh Everleigh, Wiltshire
Eversholt Eversholt, Bedfordshire
Evershot Evershot, Dorset
Eversley Eversley, Hampshire
Everton Everton, Bedfordshire
as above Everton, Nottinghamshire
Evesbatch Evesbatch, Herefordshire
Evesham Evesham, Worcestershire
Ewart Ewart, Northumberland
Ewelme Ewelme, Oxfordshire
Ewenny Ewenny, Vale of Glamorgan
Ewerby and Evedon Ewerby and Evedon, Lincolnshire
Ewhurst Ewhurst, East Sussex
as above Ewhurst, Surrey
Ewyas Harold Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire
Exbourne Exbourne, Devon
Exbury and Lepe Exbury and Lepe, Hampshire
Exelby Exelby, Leeming and Newton, North Yorkshire
Exford Exford, Somerset
Exhall Exhall, Warwickshire
Exminster Exminster, Devon
Exmoor Exmoor, Somerset
Exmouth Exmouth, Devon
Exning Exning, Suffolk
Exton Exton, Rutland
as above Exton, Hampshire
as above Exton, Somerset
Eyam Eyam, Derbyshire
Eydon Eydon, Northamptonshire
Eye Eye, Cambridgeshire
as above Eye, Suffolk
Eye and Dunsden Eye and Dunsden, Oxfordshire
Eye Eye, Moreton and Ashton, Herefordshire
Eyeworth Eyeworth, Bedfordshire
Eyke Eyke, Suffolk
Eynesbury Hardwicke Eynesbury Hardwicke, Cambridgeshire
Eynsford Eynsford, Kent
Eynsham Eynsham, Oxfordshire
Eythorne Eythorne, Kent
Eyton Eyton, Herefordshire
Eyton Upon The Weald Moors Eyton Upon The Weald Moors, Shropshire