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Welcome to my To Do list!

This is just a list of things that I am planning to do, or have thought it might be quite good to do at some stage. They may be finished fairly soon, or it may be a long way off in the future. There's no overall system at work here.


  1. Finish Module:User:Mr. Stradivarius/pp
  2. Write a language-code verification module. Module:Language/verify?
  3. Convert Template:Fix so that modules can easily use similar error messages
  4. Add testcases for Module:Sidebar and deploy
  5. Add other template types to Module:Shortcut, add testcases, and deploy
  6. Update Module:Category handler
  7. Convert {{dts}} and {{dtsa}}
  8. Do Module:WikiProjectBanner
  9. For Module:ScribuntoUnit:
    • Fix frame detection so that we get the proper display from the debug console
    • Output functions in alphabetical order, and remember to check types
    • Add an "all tests passed" or "n tests failed" text at the top of the results