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My real name is Graeme, and I live in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. In case you're wondering about my user name, Mr. Boo was the nickname my wife and I inexplicably gave to our first son when he was born, and now it's the name I go by on a couple of web sites.

I have a blog here.

I am a big National Lacrosse League fan, and many of my page updates are related to the NLL, or lacrosse in general. I have created a WikiProject called WikiProject Lacrosse to help organize lacrosse articles.

I have also worked on album pages by bands I like (Max Webster and Kim Mitchell, for example), and I occasionally work on link disambiguation and fixing bad links.


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They're all here.


I got my first barnstar!

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For working hard to clarify articles, I Basketball110Talk, hereby award you "The Editor's Barnstar." Basketball110Talk 23:11, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

My pages[edit]

Milestone edits[edit]

Number Date Change Description
1 March 1, 2006 link Added a link to my kids' school to the Waterdown, Ontario page
1000 August 23, 2006 link Disambiguation link repair
2000 September 6, 2006 link Conversation on merging indoor and box lacrosse pages
3000 October 6, 2006 link Disambiguation link repair
4000 January 17, 2007 link Updated Chicago Shamrox roster
5000 March 6, 2007 link Added importance to lacrosse-related article
6000 August 24, 2007 link Reverted vandalism
7000 April 30, 2008 link Rearrange 2008 NLL season page
8000 January 11, 2009 link Added games 1 and 2 of the 2009 Stealth season

Stuff I've created[edit]

I have created the following:


My blog is here.


I saw this on someone else's user page and liked it, so here's mine.

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