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As of Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 00:34 (UTC), The English Wikipedia has 21,841,196 registered users, 127,942 active editors, and 1,408 administrators. Together we have made 727,473,770 edits, created 33,383,349 pages of all kinds and created 4,562,939 articles.

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Some short info on myself[edit]

MrScorch6200's Info
— Wikipedian  —
Name MrScorch6200
Born Nicholas Kyle Martino
July 12
Philadelphia, PA
Name in real life Nicholas Martino
Country  USA
Current location Washington Twp., NJ
Languages English (Primary)
German (Secondary)
Time zone EST
Handedness Right
IQ approx 140, test taken 6/20/14
Education and employment
High school Washington Twp., High School
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Politics Libertarian
Aliases Nick
Contact info
Twitter MrScorch6200
Account statistics
Joined July 23, 2013
Reviewer YesY
Rollbacker YesY
Edit count 7000+ (As of 6/23/14)
Permissions AWB
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7,000+ This user has made more than 7,000 contributions to Wikipedia, over many of which were to articles.
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There are
types of people. Those who read binary and those who don't.
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I am Nicholas (Nick, for short), better know as my username, MrScorch6200. I have used Wikipedia for years, but never bothered to create an account. Being here around half a year, I love the community and the atmosphere here as all dedicated Wikipedia editors are determined, hard-working people taking time out of their day to contribute to the largest encyclopedia in the world. I am hoping to stick around in the near and far future.

My editing[edit]

During school, I plan on getting onto Wikipedia in the after-school, and I don't want to be distracted from Wikipedia with homework! (Yes, I said distracted from Wikipedia). Some of the pages that I like to edit are my favorite TV shows and video games. However, sometimes you'll find me skimming through random articles for grammatical errors and false information. I am always triple checking my edits, so again, if I screw up let me know on the article's talk page and/or mine.

I gained an interest in patrolling newly created pages a few months ago and tagging them for issues and deletion (and sometimes helping them to not be deleted). It is really amusing to me what some editors try to pass off as encyclopedic content. I don't go through all of the listed pages, however, I look for article titles and author names suggesting that the article has major problems or has a conflict of interest. Most of these are articles are about Indian companies self-promoting themselves or just blatant vandalism and hoaxes. Saying that, I would like to thank RHaworth and many other admins for their teamwork in swiftly deleting nonsense pages that I and other have tagged.

I am also trying to get new editors to read Wikipedia policy on creating articles so that we don't have nonsense articles added to the encyclopedia.

If you ever disagree with my deletion tags, please remove it and discuss it with me. Just remember to not delete CSD tags from pages that you have created yourself. That is probably the one thing that I have issued the most warnings for on user pages. Contest the speedy deletion on the article's talk page ASAP before the article is deleted.

My DR/N volunteering[edit]

I am a regular volunteer at the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard. I will be the DR/N Co-ordinator for August-September 2014.


I have adopted three users. My adoption HQ for them is here.

What I do here[edit]


Pages created: This list excludes disambiguation pages.
Harry Van Dyke

My Edit Stats
Article Talk Wikipedia Template Other Live edits Total
2,230 3,000+ 600+ 50+ a bunch 6,000+ 7,000+

My goals this month[edit]

  1. Reach 8,000 overall edits Working
  2. Contribute at admin-like areas such as AFD YesY
  3. Improve my quality of CSD tagging Working
  4. Make a large number of minor and major of copyedits to articles that need it Working

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