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My name is Michael Taylor and I am an Instrumentation Technician. I am in my twenties and interested mainly in local history around my area (Leeds), however there are also other eclectic subjects which I enjoy contributing to. I also contribute towards British television programmes and films and the occasional poltical contributions (I am probably a disenchanted New Labour voter who continues to do so because they are the best of a bad bunch). I make a lot of photographic contributions on Commons (of which my Blue Renualt Laguna can probably be seen in many). I am also not as opinionated as perhaps the boxes on the page indicate, I just got carried away one day.

Current contributions[edit]

Most of my contributions lately have been on commons. I have recently made contributions on the following pages (and related pages):

Countries Visited[edit]

Flag of France.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svgFlag of the Netherlands.svg
Flag of Cyprus.svg Flag of East Germany.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Wales.svgFlag of Turkey.svgFlag of Jersey.svgFlag of Greece.svg

To do[edit]

  • Format citations on Wetherby page
  • Brief clean up of Wetherby page, spin some off to other sub pages
  • Split pages on Wetherby railway station
  • Clean up Belle Isle, Leeds page
  • Move Beeston and Holbeck images to commons (when tool is working again)
  • Act on points from Peer Review (Architecture of Leeds)
  • Embelish Killingbeck page
  • Embelish Kirkstall page
  • Rebuild Headingley page