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Having reflected on this over the weekend, I have concluded that I need to move on from here. Clearly it is not news to anyone that the MMA coverage on WP is a total cesspit of distrust. It is stuffed full of socks, to the point that WP:AGF is hard on any "new" account, I have literally lost count of the number of editors who have socked to enforce their own view that if it moves in the world of MMA it must have it's own wiki article.

To me it seems that there is almost a disposability to a wiki account for the pro-mma faction, a sense that if you get blocked sit it out or create a new account, if you get caught then just create another account and repeat as often as is needed. The pro-mma group has worked out there is no need to make meaningful progress towards a notability guideline because keeping the angst going on here and on the forums helps them.

In my view the first step to resolving this whole mess is two pronged, firstly the community should consider being proactive, and specifically allow checkuser checks looking for disruptive behavior to be run every month on all users who edit WP:MMA or is sub pages and secondly that every MMA AfD is checked before it is assessed for consensus. Then once it is clear that it is a sock free area should a admin-driven process on finding a notability guideline should be undertaken.

I doubt I will be back, but never say never.

Just for the record I intend to scramble the password for this account and remove the e-mail access. Mtking 02:05, 21 January 2013 (UTC)