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Solomon Akhtar also known as Solly Akthtar is a British technology entrepreneur and reality television personality. He appeared in the Tenth series of The Apprentice (2014). As of 2014, he is the youngest person to participate in the show.

Early life and education[edit]

Akhtar was born on 18 February 1991 in Kent. Solomon attended Skinners' Boys school in Royal Tunbridge Wells, before studying Geography (BA) at the University of Exeter in 2010.


Solomon is currently the Founder and Managing Director at Instabear Ltd and, both of which are rapidly growing start-ups in the UK (headquartered in London)

The Apprentice[edit]

Was fired on 16th December 2014. He was fired by Lord Sugar in the interview round with along with Roisin Hogan and Daniel Lassman. Akhta got the boot after submitting a business plan that was just eight pages long and padded out with pictures. Akhtar also admitted to flirting with Lord Sugar's advisers Karren Brady and Caudine Collins to try and get ahead.The Apprentice 2014 result: Solomon Akhtar vows to try Made In Chelsea after triple firing


Solomon is well known for his party boy lifestlye whilst at The University of Exeter. This included running multiple nightclub and one-off student events, many of which he regularly attended. He has also been photographed partying at numerous London establishments, gaining a huge following on social media.

Personal life[edit]

Solomon Akhtar now lives in London, with his company offices located in Carnaby Street. [1]


Solomon Akhtar was fired from tonight’s The Apprentice after his business plan to support companies' shipping needs took a bit of a beating. Solomon introduced one of Lord Sugar’s advisors Claudine Collins to a new product tonight – the Willykini: “It’s basically like a mankini but a smaller version of it…” It wasn’t the business idea he was pitching for the £250,000 investment, it's a side project he's already involved in, but hey, these guys do their research. The Apprentice: 5 unexpected things we learnt from an exit interview with Solomon Akhtar

ired Apprentice candidate Solomon Akhtar has spoken to Digital Spy about his flirtatious behaviour behind the scenes of the BBC One reality show, admitting to having "a spark" with one contestant and trying his luck with Lord Sugar's aide Karren Brady. Akhtar was one of the three fired candidates in tonight's (October 17) semi-final. A more realistic potential relationship could come with fellow fired candidate Pamela Uddin, who he revealed he had grown close to in the house. "We were very open in talking about our relationships in the house and I have seen her since the show. Apprentice Solomon Akhtar on showmances: I was flirty with Karren Brady

He was the first to be fired on Wednesday night's episode after his business plan was ripped apart during the rather intense interview stage. Solomon also slammed finalist (and favourite to win) Bianca Miller, branding her 'fake' and admitting that they never got on in the house. Interviewer Claude was so disparaging of the plan that he refused to even go through it with Solomon, throwing him out of the interview immediately. The Apprentice 2014: Solomon Akhtar Brands Finalist Bianca 'Fake' And Lord Sugar 'Boring'

The Apprentice has become embroiled in fresh controversy after it emerged one of the contestants allegedly made a sex tape which show bosses fear could be leaked to the public. Self-confessed ‘party boy’ Solomon Akhtar allegedly filmed himself with an ex-girlfriend and was forced to confess to BBC bosses after his friends posted the information on Twitter. BBC bosses are said to be ‘concerned’ Mr Akhtar’s sex tape will leak while the tenth series of the show is on air. News of the video first surfaced after a friend of the technology entrepreneur from London posted news of it on Twitter with the caption: ‘revelation of the day’. It was later deleted. Friends of the 22-year-old have reportedly told The Sun the sordid tape is one of many, prompting fears other former girlfriends may come out of the woodwork and sell their stories. Mr Akhtar, who has confessed on the show to enjoying a party lifestyle, runs his own social media technology business and works at a creative agency. New Apprentice storm as it emerges 'party boy' contestant made a sex tape with his ex leading to fears it could be leaked

Whether it’s more surprising that Nick Hewer appeared as a guest on Loose Women – or that he openly discussed current Apprentice contestant’s Solomon Akhtar’s alleged sex tape on the show – remains to be decided. Reports had suggested that an intimate video, featuring Akhtar, 22, and his girlfriend, existed and that he had received threats of it being leaked. Nick Hewer on Apprentice contestant Solomon Akhtar's alleged sex tape: 'Handy skills for when advertising task comes up'

Solomon Akhtar - a budding entrepreneur starring in the current series of ‘The Apprentice’ - has confirmed that has has a sex tape, leaving BBC bosses concerned it will be shared online, according to reports. The Sun reports that one of Solomon’s mates even posted details of the tape on Twitter, before having a change of heart and deleting the message. So far, Solomon hasn’t had an easy ride on the show and has narrowly avoided being fired by Lord Sugar. ‘The Apprentice' Contestant Solomon Akhtar ‘Confirms Sex Tape'

The Apprentice star Solomon Akhtar appeared to have a great night out as he paid a visit to Exeter on Tuesday night. The 22-year-old took a night off from Lord Sugar's strict regime to head back for the Exeter Entrepreneurs’ Christmas dinner. And according to student news site The Tab, he made the most of being guest of honour, and was enjoying a steady stream of drinks all night as he sat with a string of guests in a private booth. Solomon works at a creative agency, but also runs his own company, a social media technology business, before trying his hand at The Apprentice this year. He has created and managed student events before, including a shop lock-in and group yacht trip around Croatia. Apprentice star Solomon Akhtar pictured partying with students before getting cosy with mystery woman

Solomon Akhtar got the boot from The Apprentice semi-finale, and now he’s being mean about one finalist. Surprise surprise.The nation saw the ever-professional Bianca Miller get a bit weepy during the interviews stage of The Apprentice when her character was called into question. Seeing an opportunity, Solomon ‘I’m not bitter at all’ Akhtar has now gone and well and truly put the boot in. The Apprentice’s Solomon Akhtar goes all sour grapes on Bianca Miller and calls her a ‘robot’

The 23-year-old, who attended the Skinners' School in Tunbridge Wells, was picked apart in a series of interviews with four of Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors. He was seeking £250,000 of investment to create a logistics company for start-up student businesses but his proposal, which was eight pages long and filled with pictures, was branded a disgrace by Claude Littner, former global trouble shooter to Lord Sugar. She was unimpressed by an idea he had to create a bikini for men, called a willykini, and found him immature before suggesting he came across as an excited puppy. Solomon Akhtar, a former pupil of Skinners School in St John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, reaches interview stage in BBC One's The Apprentice

Former Tunbridge Wells schoolboy Solomon Akhtar has survived another week in BBC One's The Apprentice. Mr Akhtar, who went to the Skinners School in St John's Road, found himself in the winning team for a second week running following a task that challenged candidates to come up with their own luxury desserts. Solomon, who was in Team Summit, suggested creating British inspired cheesecakes and new team member Daniel Lassman added it should have a tea theme. They ended up creating three tea infused cheesecakes, with flavours including green tea and white chocolate, lemon and Earl Grey and peach and oolong vanilla. Solomon was initially asked to be in the kitchen manufacturing but successfully convinced team leader to have his role switched to branding. His input was also welcomed in the pitches with one of the supermarket experts supposedly winking at him. The other team came up with a trifle and called the product A Trifle Different. Black cherry, saffron and honey tmade up one of the flavours but a panel of supermarket experts found the ingredients overpowering. Karen Brady observed: “They certainly weren’t interested in Saffron in their custard.” Another expert said the saffron made the trifle taste earthy. Solomon Akhtar, who went to Skinners School in St John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, survives another week in BBC One's The Apprentice

StartUp 2015 was aimed at aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs. The event delivered a programme of inspiring and essential advice with business workshops and keynote speeches from influential business people including retailing guru Mary Portas, chef Skye Gyngell, social entrepreneur Melody Hossaini and BBC Apprentice stars Solomon Akhtar and Felipe Alviar-Baquero. Pennine Business Partners, based at Lockwood Park, works with clients in the areas of marketing, HR and health and safety. Somerset House date for Steve Bradley

SEX-MAD APPRENTICE star Solomon Akhtar was nearly booted out of uni after throwing a party so wild the police were called. Solly state of affairs

Solomon Akhtar, a former pupil at the Skinners School, stayed with Team Summit who created a candle and reed diffuser that smelled of the seaside. They aptly called it Beach Dreams and marketed it as a high end product. The Apprentice candidates Felipe Alviar-Baquero and Solomon Akhtar avoid being fired by Lord Alan Sugar

Age: 22 Occupation: Technology Entrepreneur Lives: London Solomon works at a creative agency while also running his own company, a technology business within the social media field. He has also created and managed events for students including a retail store ‘lock-in’ and group yacht trip round Croatia. He says he is enthusiastic, energetic and personable and is passionate about technology and travel. He says: “I am from the ‘ideas generation’; because of my age I understand technology and how to turn it into a business.” The Apprentice 2014: Meet Solomon Akhtar

A young business owner who graduated from Exeter University last year will be among the candidates in the upcoming series of The Apprentice.Solomon ran student events while at Exeter Uni, including a shop lock-in and group yacht trip around Croatia. 1. SOLOMON AKHTAR Age: 22. Occupation: Technology entrepreneur. Lives: London. He works at a creative agency while running his own technology business relating to social media. He has also created and managed events for students including a retail store "lock-in". He says: "I am from the 'ideas generation'. Because of my age I understand technology and how to turn it into a business."Read more: Follow us: @expressandecho on Twitter | expressecho on Facebook

Apprentice hopeful Solomon Akhtar returned to Exeter University on Friday to share his entrepreneurial skills.

The 23-year-old Exeter graduate is currently being put through his paces by Lord Sugar in the BBC show.

Advertisement Solomon returned to the University’s Innovation Centre as a guest speaker at the SPARK business conference.

Solomon co-founded his start-up business Instabear at the Innovation Centre before graduating last year.

He has now grown the business with five full-time employees at offices in Carnaby Street, London.

Solomon stayed tight-lipped about how far he goes in the gruelling process.

The young entrepreneur said he honed his business skills at University and gained a party boy reputation at the same time.

He launched student fun nights including F*** me, I’m Fresh and using the library to promote his student-focused businesses rather than studying.

He said: “I was always selling my ideas and trying to get facebook ‘likes’.”

Solomon was reported to have landed in hot water with BBC producers when allegations of a sex tape emerged a few weeks ago.

Solomon said he partied hard at university and told budding entrepreneurs at the conference not to hide their personalities in business.

He said: “When I was at university, I partied quite a lot, but I’m a young lad, what do you expect?

“You can have a business based on fun. I think you should base your business on what you enjoy and have a passion for and the money and success will follow, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Solomon said that the sex tape allegations had caused some controversy but said it should not be an excuse to ‘erase your past’.

“I’m not going to delete my history on facebook, I’m a young lad and I enjoyed my time at university.

“All my twitter followers like me because I tweet about my daily life. I’ve made a few slip ups but that’s just part of who I am.”

He said that the Apprentice publicity could ‘work both ways’ when courting clients but in the main had boosted awareness of his Instabear business, a service which prints Instagram photos, and his new brand, skimpy novelty beachwear ‘willykini’ (don’t ask!).

He said: “The key thing is that whether or not you wear a suit and tie, clients will want to see your passion, enthusiasm and energy for a project. That’s more important.”

Solomon was among speakers at the SPARK business conference, the climax of Global Entrepreneur Week.

Six of Exeter's most successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses while studying at Exeter addressed more than 100 students who are interested in running businesses or building their own career.

Other speakers were Matthew Morley of TickBox, winner of won SETsquared’s best student startup and people’s choice in 2014

Daniel Olaiya of Protime, Ali Gillum, founder Macaw Designs, Benjamin Norton, co-founder Pulsenotes, Tom Carrington Smith, co-founder of UniSport, Jonathon Neumann of Split The Beat.

One of last year’s speakers was Exeter alumni, TV dragon and Westcountry business woman Deborah Meaden.

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BBC Apprentice Solomon returns to Exeter Uni

A FORMER Skinners’ School pupil will be appearing on the new series of The Apprentice, starting next week, promoting his social media company to win a £250,000 investment.

Solomon Akhtar, 22, launched Instabear while still a student at the University of Exeter, and has since build a company on the basis that young Instagram users will want quick and easy access to printing their photos from the app, which has taken off with international brands.

Advertisement The former head of Knott House at the grammar school also runs Willykini, an ‘outrageous swimwear’ company which sells minuscule swimming trunks for men and will be competing against 19 other candidates for Lord Alan Sugar's cash investment.

After gaining experience in events promotion while studying, he turned his hand to becoming an entrepreneur.

RELATED CONTENT The Apprentice's most memorable Kent contestants The idea of Instabear is to bring social media and merge it with a promotional event, so it is essentially a new way of marketing – companies use hashtags to get their products trending, but the same hashtags allow guests at events to print their images as the photographs are taken.

Mr Akhtar has already helped launch a new car, the Jaguar F-Type, where Jaguar hashtags – #FTYPE #FTYPEVIP were enlarged and four huge monitors were set up to allow guests to share posts and then print their pictures using the hashtags and is working with Mazda to use GoPro cameras to produce a new project, Photo Mash, which draws on a similar idea.

Embracing technology and the possibilities of the internet and social media has already got Mr Akhtar contracts with international brands, although his career in promotions began in Kent when he set up SunBurnt Events Ltd to set up events aimed at students.

In June the company won Best Graduate Start up 2014 by SETsquared Enterprise Awards.

The Apprentice will begin on Tuesday, at 10.35pm on BBC One.

Read more: Follow us: @KSCourier on Twitter | kentandsussexcourier on Facebook Former Skinners' School pupil will compete on The Apprentice with social media start-up

Read more: Follow us: @KSCourier on Twitter | kentandsussexcourier on Facebook

Exeter's very own Apprentice has been named as second favourite to win the competition.

Solomon Akhtar, a young business owner who graduated from Exeter University last year, is currently 7/1 to win just behind Robert Goodwin at 6/1.

Advertisement Akhtar, 22, works at a creative agency, but also runs his own company, a social media technology business.

Solomon ran student events while at Exeter Uni, including a shop lock-in and group yacht trip around Croatia.

RELATED CONTENT The Apprentice 2014: Exeter Uni graduate Solomon Akhtar makes the line-up He calls himself enthusiastic, energetic, personable and passionate about technology and travel.

He said: 'I am from the 'ideas generation'; because of my age, I understand technology and how to turn it into a business.'

Global marketing professional Robert Goodwin is bookies' favourite to become Lord Sugar's next business partner in series 10 with odds of 6/1.

Goodwin works for an international brand in the sports nutrition industry and his first job was as a tennis coach at the age of 15.

At the other end of the scale, however, is executive assistant Sarah Dales with odds of 33/1.

Dales has previously worked for Goldman Sachs and is a trained hypnotherapist.

The Apprentice 2014 odds in full:

Robert Goodwin 6/1

Solomon Akhtar 7/1

Roisin Hogan 8/1

Sanjay Sood-Smith 8/1

Pamela Uddin 9/1

Felipe Alviar-Baquero 9/1

Chile Cartright 9/1

Scott McCulloch 10/1

Lindsay Booth 10/1

Jemma Bird 10/1

Katie Bulmer-Cook 12/1

James Hill 12/1

Mark Wright 14/1

Steven Ugoalah 14/1

Daniel Lassman 16/1

Bianca Miller 16/1

Lauren RIley 20/1

Ella Jade Bitton 20/1

Nurun Ahmed 25/1

Sarah Dales 33/1

Watch Solomon's audition below:

Read more: Follow us: @expressandecho on Twitter | expressecho on Facebook The Apprentice 2014 odds: Exeter graduate second favourite to win

Read more: Follow us: @expressandecho on Twitter | expressecho on Facebook

The Apprentice's Bianca Miller and Solomon Akhtar disagree in tonight's task - over a skeleton!

Lord Alan Sugar sets the remaining candidates with one of his best-loved challenges by arming them with a shopping list and sending them out onto the streets of London.

The Apprentice's Bianca and Solomon haggle over a skeleton - 3 December 2014 © YouTube / BBC

The hopefuls are told to buy all the items on Lord Sugar's list - but for the lowest price possible.

In a new preview clip of tonight's episode, Bianca and Solomon can be seen trying to get a good deal on an anatomically accurate skeleton.

However, while Bianca seems to have her serious negotiating head on, Solomon takes a more...shall we say 'jokey'...approach.

Speaking to the shopkeeper, Solomon asks: "Does it have a name." The shopkeeper replies: "Erm, it can. We can go with Steve."

Pulling the skeleton's jaw down - and almost off completely - he scoffs: "Steve, hi! I quite like the look of Steve over here!"

The Apprentice's Bianca and Solomon haggle over a skeleton - 3 December 2014 © YouTube / BBC

As Bianca shakes her head, he continues: "It looks like the skeleton for me. Steve, old Stevie over here..."

Bianca then cuts in, asking the shop owner how much the skeleton is.

Speaking to the camera outside the store, she says: "Solomon just takes way to long in the way he negotiates things, chatting about nonsense quite frankly. Ask for the price, then negotiate how much you can get off it.

"He could have kept messing about with that skeleton. We needed to get that deal and get out. I needed to jump in there and move on. And that's what we did."

The Apprentice, 9pm, BBC1, Wednesday 3 December The Apprentice's Bianca criticises Solomon's haggling of a skeleton!

This week, the candidates receive a rude awakening from Lord Sugar himself, when he arrives unannounced at their London mansion. There, he tells them that this week's task is the discount buying task, in which the teams are given a list of items, £1,000 and a map of London, and must hunt down the products for the lowest possible price. This year, the list features highlights from the last 10 years of the task, including a kosher chicken (who could forget the Great Chicken Fiasco of 2008?), oud, nigella seeds and even the kitchen sink. Team Summit, led by Essex-bred Daniel Lassman, go for the direct approach, splitting their list and money down the middle, and jumping straight into two taxis. Meanwhile, after last week's warning, Sanjay Sood-Smith steps up to project manage Team Tenacity, and spends several hours planning and organising back at the house. The slow burn tactic seems to seep down the ranks, as this first look clip shows Solomon Akhtar taking his time haggling for Stevie the skeleton. Unlike in previous years, Team Summit have no trouble snatching up a kosher chicken. The Apprentice 2014 preview: Ten Years of Discount Buying

Meet the two Kent businessmen vying to be Lord Sugar's next business partner on the new series of The Apprentice.

Colombian-born Felipe Alviar-Baquero, who lives in Rochester, works as a solicitor at an international law firm.

He was named one of the Top 100 Colombians in 2012 - the same year that he was an Olympic torchbearer.

Felipe Alviar-Baquero is vying to be Lord Sugar's next business partner The 34-year-old also designed and founded Tiny Town children's play area in Larkfield, which he describes as his "biggest business achievement".

He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is a trustee for a British charity supporting vulnerable children in Colombia.

He said: "I studied law because I wanted to change the world. But my real passion is business."

The Apprentice team of Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar and Karren Brady Describing why he is a good candidate for the show, he added: "I was one of the top 100 Colombians elected by the Colombian government. It was an honour because I was with people like Shakira."

Also in the runnings is Solomon Akhtar - a former pupil of the Skinner's School in Tunbridge Wells.

The 22-year-old works at a creative agency and runs his own social media technology company.

Solomon Akhtar is a contestant on this year's apprentice He ran student events during his time at the University of Exeter including a retail store 'lock-in' and group yacht trip around Croatia, before turning to entrepreneurship in his final year and launching his mobile phone app, Insteabear.

He said he is enthusiastic, energetic and personable and is passionate about technology and travel.

He added: “I am from the ‘ideas generation’; because of my age I understand technology and how to turn it into a business.”

The app allows users of Instagram to print their photos quickly and easily.

Instabear was awarded Best Graduate Start up 2014 by SETsquared Enterprise Awards and appeared on Redbrick research as one of Five Pioneering UK Student Startups 2014.

Solomon is also the founder of the Willykini - an 'outrageous underwear' company that provides small, unique swimwear for men.

Felipe and Solomon are two of 20 candidates battling it out to impress millionaire tycoon Lord Sugar on the 10th series of the popular BBC show.

The first episode will be aired on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday, October 14. Rochester's Felipe Alviar-Baquero, founder of Tiny Town in Larkfield, and Solomon Akhtar founder of Instabear contestants on BBC's The Apprentice

Rochester's Felipe Alviar-Baquero, founder of Tiny Town in Larkfield, and Solomon Akhtar founder of Instabear contestants on BBC's The Apprentice

Roisin looked indecisive when she allowed Solomon Akhtar to talk himself out of the manufacturing sub-team, but it proved to be a good move as he contributed a lot to the premium look and feel of their Tea Bag range of tea-infused cheesecakes.

Bianca Miller coped well with a posh tea tasting session at upmarket French restaurant Gauthier, while Daniel floundered around out of his depth.

Daniel ignored Roisin’s instructions at Waitrose, cutting in to answer questions during the pitch to his project manager’s annoyance, but his input went down well and he and Solomon subsequently played more of a role in their final pitch to Tesco.

It worked. Tenacity sealed an order of 13,500 units from Asda but failed at the other two retailers, while Summit booked orders of 5,500 from Waitrose and 20,000 from Tesco for a commanding win. Although one wonders what might have been if Mark hadn’t choked at Tesco. The Apprentice 2014 episode 10: Double-barrelled double firing as two get their just deserts

THE new season of The Apprentice begins tonight and the former teacher of a candidate from Tunbridge Wells believes his student will “go far, whether it is on the programme or in life.”

Solomon Akhtar, a 22-year-old social media entrepreneur who went to The Skinners’ School, will be competing against 19 other hopefuls for the prize, £250,000 worth of backing from Lord Alan Sugar.

Advertisement With two companies, Instabear, which allows people to instantly print pictures using hashtags particular to the company involved, and Willykini, a swimwear company for men, under his belt, Mr Akhtar will be hoping his understanding of social media will put him at an advantage.

Head of Skinners’ sixth form, Craig Fleming, who taught Mr Akhtar, said: “Solomon and I are in fairly frequent contact – he was at Skinners’ for his secondary education.

RELATED CONTENT The Apprentice's most memorable Kent contestants Four fire engines tackle blaze in Edenbridge derelict building WEATHER: Mist in Tunbridge Wells followed by rain 12,990 children receive Kent Test results today - but still a shortage of grammar school places “He is a smashing young man, energetic, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. He did very well academically and was popular with his peers. He was a great organiser and was head of one of the four houses and a member of the senior prefect team.”

Mr Fleming added: “Solomon is quite a driven young man - he had an entrepreneurial streak early on and I think he always fancied the chance of running his own business and is going to come into sixth form to talk to current students.

“He will go far whether it is on programme or in life in general.”

The Apprentice begins tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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Former teacher of Tunbridge Wells hopeful on The Apprentice says: "He will go far"

Read more: Follow us: @KSCourier on Twitter | kentandsussexcourier on Facebook

New York, New York. Every other sentence of Wednesday’s The Apprentice (BBC One) seemed to refer to its setting “across the pond”, as Lord Sugar had it. In case that wasn’t clear, there were constant shots of the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. We knew where we were; we just didn’t know why. The seventh episode of the reality show that asks you to suspend your disbelief insisted on flying half the candidates to the Big Apple to pitch a new drink they had just created to a band of advertising executives, half of whom turned out to be English. Apart from the chance to namecheck half a dozen American stereotypes, it wasn’t clear what this was meant to add. Despite the flawed premise, the show was back on form. For the first time this series, I disturbed colleagues by laughing too riotously. Now that we have got to know the contestants, we can see the elephant traps being expertly constructed for them by the producers, which makes their eventual comeuppance all the funnier. There was a bumper crop for fans of James Hill, a “multiple business owner” and, by his own admission, proto-Del Boy who has established himself as the undoubted star of the show. This one-man cliché mangling machine (“the world”, apparently, “is as big as our oyster”) would win a Bafta for comedy if he intended any of it. “Is it really iconic?” he wondered aloud, of his commercial, before complimenting a senior advertising man on his jacket. Best of all, he told prospective customers the new drink contained dragonfly (it was dragon fruit, of course). Of course, he wasn’t left to fly the flag for British ineptitude single-handedly. With every passing week, I grow more perplexed as to the meaning of Daniel Lassman’s title: “pub quiz company director”. His contribution to this episode made about as much sense, when he pledged to “excel expectations”. Then there was his sheer glee as he termed his team’s drink as “an explosion of water and pineapple”. How delicious. Related Articles The Apprentice: where are they now? 10 Jan 2015 Katie Hopkins and The Apprentice's 16 most idiotic candidates 08 Jan 2015 Apprentice 2014: meet the candidates 11 Dec 2014 Even Lord Sugar got into the jolly mood, somehow segueing from the task to his personal feud with Piers Morgan, whose American chat show was pulled after poor ratings. “You made the Piers Morgan of drinks,” he said. “America didn’t want it.” In the end, solicitor Lauren Riley was fired, based on Lord Sugar’s “instinct and gut feeling”. What a happy coincidence that this chimed with the five ad men and women who recommended much the same thing. The Apprentice 2014, review, episode 7: 'James Hill is a one-man cliché mangling machine'

The business hopeful, who is currently battling it out to win a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar on the BBC One show, once held a party so crazy police were called and he was hauled in front of senior university staff who read him the riot act.

Tech entrepreneur Solly also ran the ‘F*** Me I’m Fresh’ nights at Exeter University and was warned he would be kicked off his course unless he tamed his wild ways.

A source close to Solly, 23, told The Sun: “Solly was party-mad and often caused carnage.

“He never had a girlfriend but it wasn’t unusual for him to bring girls back to his house, especially as he ran the infamous night ‘F*** Me I’m Fresh’.

“He did take the disciplinary warning seriously, but he didn’t stop partying.”

Another pal added: “Solly was obsessed with pulling girls and would be with a different one every time there was a party – often more than one.”

Apprentice viewers have seen him confess his regret over his party lifestyle on the show, as he has said: “My biggest regret is spending too much time and hard-earned money at university on partying. I wish I’d reinvested money into my company.”

Last month, it emerged that Solomon had starred in a sex tape and was terrified it would leak.

He was forced to confess that he had recorded a romp after his ex told his mates about it – and the naughty revelation ended up on Twitter. ‘He caused carnage’ Apprentice star nearly booted out of uni over wild partying ways

Apprentice Canditate and Exeter Alumni Solomon Akhtar Talks Business and Pleasure (His Time at Exeter, Of Course)

HerCampus Exeter has caught up with Solomon ‘Solly’ Akhtar to get the low down on his university life and latest business ventures. Solly graduated from Exeter University in 2013 and might be considered a bit of an alumni ‘BNOC’ for his club promotion and various business ventures. Catch him tonight on The Apprentice – BBC 1 at 9pm.

So you ran the club night ‘F*** Me I’m Fresh’, do you think this helped your business instinct?

Yes definitely, a lot of my business ideas came out of going out, partying and just having a good time. My aim in life is to have fun and make money at the same time.

So, did you honestly think Rococo’s was a good night out, really?

Personally I would! It may not be the coolest venue in the world but I had many a good night out at Rococo’s. We ran a lot of themed nights which were pretty funny. Who doesn’t love dressing up as Tarzan or whatever? And, a lot of people pulled! I like to think of myself as the match-maker of Rococo’s. Wait, that sounds pretty terrible –doesn’t it?

A bit…so how did your time at Exeter help shape your business mind?

To me, the student population just highlighted the demand for fun ways to spend money. Students in Exeter have money – that’s a fact. And they want fun exciting ways to spend it. This is how we came up with the idea of Instabear, one of my businesses I set up in my third year. Instabear is basically a service which will print out your Instagram photos for you and students, especially at Exeter, have responded really well to it.

So why not a business degree? Do you think it’s made a difference, or held you back in anyway?

There is a lot you can learn from a business course, definitely. But I never wanted to learn from books. I’ll be the first to admit I never worked that hard at my degree.

University gave me the opportunity to meet so many people from all walks of life; just in halls you can meet people who are developers, good with technology, good at art. Exeter was a great place to network, and for me, that’s the most important thing. I never went to the library to work, I went to the library to spread flyers about my business, or get talking to people and get them to give our Facebook page a ‘like’. The Forum was the ideal place to network!

So in a ‘The Tab’ article earlier this month you were described as a romancer? Is that accurate?

Urm, no comment.

You sure?

Well, yeah I’m a 23 year old guy and I like girls. That’s all I’m going to say…

OK – so are you single?

Yeah, at the moment I am.

Ooh…will you be coming back to Exeter anytime soon now that you're an Apprentice star?

Yes, I’m coming back on the 21st of November. During the day, I’m going to be one of the ten speakers at the SPARK business conference. One of last year’s speakers was fellow Exeter alumni Deborah Meaden so I’m pretty excited about being invited to speak. And of course, that’ll be followed up with a big night out. It’s in the pipelines at the moment, so stay tuned!

Ok so let’s talk about your latest venture Willykini..?

Willykini is the new outrageous swimwear. When I was in my third year at Exeter, I could see these types of jokey outrageous swimwear were taking off via TOWIE and various comedy shows so I made sure I was the first to copyright and trademark the name. They’re mostly for stag-do’s, ‘Lad’s holidays’ - that kind of thing but they’re massively taking off, we sold out on all our pre-orders via our Facebook page!

So…can HerCampus Exeter get a personal demonstration?

Ok, when our first orders come through I will be sure to send a signed photograph of myself modelling the willykini, how does that sound?

Great! HerCampus Exeter will DEFINITELY be holding you up to that... Meet Exeter's Apprentice Star: Solomon Akhtar

After the 10th year of The Apprentice came to an end last month, it’s safe to say everyone was left a little dumfounded after Lord Sugars £250k investment landed in the hands of Mark Wright. Let’s be honest, apart from a few entertaining tasks, we all know you were just watching for the eye-candy i.e. Solomon Akhtar.

Having reached the final five, Solomon Akhtar, founder of Instabear was a roaring success with everyone apart from Lord Sugar’s investment. In the second most important interview of his life, Solomon sat down with Asian World to discuss his reasons for going on the show; his future business proposition and his top tips for success in business.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and something no-one else knows? (Excitedly waits in anticipation) My dad is from Pakistan originally, and my mum is English, so I’m mixed race. My dad grew up in Yorkshire and my mum grew up in Kent. My dad’s a doctor. We weren’t massively loaded, but I think I’ve had a privileged upbringing. I know a couple of words in Punjabi, but I don’t speak my language unfortunately.

I don’t like coffee but I drink a lot of Red Bull.

1) What’s your earliest memory of showing entrepreneurship?

We went to school on this minibus, and because I didn’t go to a state school, we weren’t allowed to go to the newsagents after school. So I would buy things like fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates- basically everything that a 15 year old would want- and I would sell them on the bus for a decent profit. I also used to have an EBay store, where I would sell wristbands.

2) What were the main reasons for applying to The Apprentice?

When I was kid, I grew up watching The Apprentice. I used to finish watching it and run up to my room and start my own little online businesses, or selling things on the school bus. To be honest, I applied on a bit of a whim; I didn’t think I would actually get on there. So for me, I really wanted to test my business skills and to see if I could actually do the tasks.

3) Do you think it’s important to win in order to get recognised, because you’re doing just as well, by the sounds of it?

I always wanted to win. To get that far in the competition and not win is quite gutting. But nowadays if you get into the final five, the publicity you get from that is amazing. Also if you’re a nice person on the show, a lot of people tend to resonate with that. Even though I didn’t win, it’s still a great platform and you get a lot of opportunities that I’m just exploring now.

4) Tell us about your business at the moment?

The company I run at the moment is called Instabear and basically we offer live social media. So if you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and have a hash tag for an event, then we display that at the event on big screens. We also print photos from your smart phone at the event space. We call it social events live, so essentially if you have an event, then we can add social media to that in really cool ways.

5) What’s your ideal clientele?

We work a lot with automated clients like Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Mazda. But we started really small at university- a company that was born out of my student bedroom. I started the company with my current business partner, Tom. We started really small, and then we managed to get a retail client called Jack Wills- so we did some stuff with them. I used to work with them as a retail advisor in their stores, so they gave us the opportunity to sell it to them.

6) Any advice for creating a business plan?

Yea, don’t come to me! I think I was quite naive. I didn’t plan everything meticulously. I just had an idea and ran with it. But obviously if you’re looking for some serious investment then you need to plan. Unfortunately I found out the hard way.

7) Are you still going ahead with the proposal from the show?

It’s called We Ship Start-ups. The Apprentice kind of put me off it a bit, but I still think it’s a good idea. I think there is a demand for it, because there are so many small businesses that can’t keep up with their online orders. At the moment we’re in talks with some initial investors, so we should hopefully see something in 2015. So just watch this space.

8) What makes We Ship Start-ups different?

It turns business models like Amazon on their head. So rather than using Amazon or eBay to market your product, you market it yourself and we fulfil your orders. We will be targeting small start-ups. So people who don’t have time to wrap up t-shirts and post them out to their customers. People will 100 customers or more a week. There’s not really anything like that out there, so it’s definitely niche.

9) You come from a south Asian background; do you think having a certain name can affect your success?

I can only speak from my own personal experience, but for me it hasn’t really affected me negatively or positively. When people see a name like Solomon Akhtar on a CV, they do expect you behave and speak a certain way, but because I was brought up in such a western environment in Kent, for me it hasn’t really affected me at all. Nowadays, businesses need to show diversity, so hopefully that will counteract any negative connotations. But for me it’s never been a problem- most people love my name. I wouldn’t ever suggest changing your name. You should be proud of your name. In London, I’ve met loads of people from the south Asian community and they’re really hard working and they have a lot of good morals in business. So for me, I definitely don’t think it would be a negative thing at all.

Solomon Akhtar’s Top 5 tips for success

1) If you’ve got an idea, always write it down. I sometimes have random ideas on the train and I’ll have forgotten them by the next morning, so always make a note of your ideas.

2) Don’t be too ambitious. Obviously you want success in the future, but it’s important to start small. Take things one step at a time because some business ideas can be quite daunting, so it’s always good to start local.

3) Look at free resources. Nowadays, there’s so much free help you can get on social media. For example your marketing could be done for free- all you need is a laptop.

4) Don’t give up

5) Always stay smiling

Quick fire round

Favourite colour- salmon pink Favourite movie- Finding Nemo- it’s a classic Favourite social media- Instagram Favourite holiday destination- south of France Favourite Bollywood actress- does DJ Noreen Khan count, because I don’t know any Bollywood actresses!

“I know a couple of words in Punjabi, but I don’t speak my language unfortunately.” “To be honest, I applied on a bit of a whim; I didn’t think I would actually get on there.” Asian World News