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My conscious is a jukebox. Musician, web developer, chess player. Knowledge hungry, always seeking something new.

I began in 2003/04-ish as a casual reader of Wikipedia, making occasional minor edits as an IP user. My first registered edit that I'm aware of was made in June of 2006. I have had at least one other (now abandoned) account since then, before settling on this username in 2011. My addiction grew, and in May 2012 I finally decided I wanted to give back to the community and start making more substantial contributions, and since March 2013 I've been here almost daily. In April 2014, the community graciously decided I was fit to become an administrator.

I am also active at Commons, occasionally contribute to Wikivoyage and more recently can be seen at Wikidata. As of November 2013, I am also a 3 USD monthly donor to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Always assume good faith
In August 2012 I was accused of sockpuppetry. In reality I happened to be editing the same NYC-related article as a few sockpuppets who also live in the NYC area. I was at the time a relatively new editor, and found the experience to be agonizing. It nearly drove me away from Wikipedia altogether. Looking back, I think the editor who opened the investigation was not assuming good faith, as evidenced by the language they used. It makes me wonder what would have happened had it been some other innocent, novice, yet devoted contributor instead of me. Maybe that editor wouldn't have been able to recover from the experience, and their long-lasting potential would consequently be lost. I can't think of a better example of why assume good faith is so important.

Advice for new users
I see new and unregistered users with elaborate edit summaries justifying the most minute of edits. This stems from that initial impression that Wikipedia is shielded by layers of stone and moats of fire, and that one must really know what they're doing if they wish to cross. Don't be afraid to edit. As long as you have the will to improve the encyclopedia and relevant content to contribute, do it. Everyone starts somewhere. If you make a mistake, we can fix it. If someone gives you a hard time for that little mistake, they are biting you. Be bold but not reckless, learn as you go along, take advice when given, but don't ever feel discouraged.

I like helping newcomers, patrolling recent changes, helping out at GAN and working on my WikiProjects. I'm fascinated by big cities and am obsessed with alternative rock. I've recently gained interest in street art, and have been looking to work more on associated articles.

I try to create articles when I see the need for one, but in general I enjoy improving existing ones. There are a slew of topics I hope to devote my time to over the coming months. You'll also find me at WP:AfC and WP:AfD from time to time.

As an administrator, my focus is helping prevent abuse of the wiki, namely in responding to reports at WP:AIV and WP:RPP. I regularly handle speedy deletion requests, requests for permissions, and edit warring disputes. I am open to help with any other administrative tasks upon request.

Admin statistics
Action Count
Edits 46097
Edits+Deleted 47565
Pages deleted 1222
Pages restored 12
Pages protected 136
Pages unprotected 4
Protections modified 20
Users blocked 704
Users reblocked 21
Users unblocked 8
User rights modified 60
Users created 2
Sysoped April 2014

and others...

New userspace draft
Use {{db-u1}} for user speedy deletion of own pages.

Under construction icon-blue.svg

Find sources
Books · Scholar · Recent news · Free images · · New York Times · Wikipedia Reference Search

Citation tools
Google Books · New York Times · Reflinks · Sort refs · Others

I use a modified version of the Vector skin with the Monobook background, although I'm considering switching to the Modern skin. My wikieditor is monospaced like my user page. I find these tools indispensable:

Scripts I've written

  • MoreMenu.js – Extends the "More" menu by adding two more drop-down menus to your menubar. These "User" and "Page" menus contain useful links to common tasks, user/page logs, analytic tools/statistics, and admin tools.
  • previewUserboxes.js – Transforms Category:Userboxes to have previews of each userbox with the associated code
  • importWatchlist.js – Import watchlists from other users, provided you have their watchlist token. Useful if you have multiple accounts

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RfB candidate S O N S% Ending (UTC) Time left Dups? Report

No RfXs since 20:41, 24 August 2014 (UTC).—cyberbot I NotifyOnline

Alternate accounts

  • MusikVarmint – mobile or public computers
  • MusikPuppet – long-term testing purposes
  • MusikPuppetN – where N is a number, all test accounts

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