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Mustang_dvs (born 1979-05-09) is a member of the Wikipedia community who lives in Durham, North Carolina, drives a SpecE30 race car.

He is a native of Durham, but spent 9½ years, from 1997 to 2006 living in the Washington, DC metro area (in the Van Ness and Pentagon City neighborhoods, specifically) while attending The George Washington University and, later, while working as the Manager for Research and Communications of a national security policy think-tank that focused on counterterrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, democratization and civil-military relations. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he worked with the nascent Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office and the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center and studied with Dr. Jerrold Post on issues related to cyberterrorism and critical infrastructure protection.

He was married in the spring of 2008, and enjoyed a honeymoon on the island of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. In January 2009, he became an extremely-proud first-time father.

He has recently been recognized for his predictive abilities by being the "Projected Winner" of the DailyKos 2008 Election Predictions.

Articles I've begun[edit]

Editing Philosophy[edit]

Generally, I try to add, rather than remove, though I will edit for grammar and readability — no matter how accurate the information is, if it's poorly presented, it's hard to learn. I tend to make minor edits on pages that I've navigated to for information. This often leads to me focusing on a category, until my interests drift.

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