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Do not waste your time in Wikipedia[edit]

Although this is a great idea to share your knowledge[1], one should realize a few things about this place.

  1. Editing on-wiki leads to development of addiction and stress. No, this is not a joke. If you wish to contribute, please take it easy and remember about more important things in your life.
  2. Wikipedia is not really an encyclopedia because it takes no responsibility for its content. This is simply an internet resource where anyone can place any sourced information. In essence, one can prove or disprove anything using the argument to moderation and multiple sources, some of which belong to propaganda. People contribute here for a variety of reasons, such as to glorify your country, make other people aware of social and historical injustices, to support their personal beliefs, to earn a few bucks or promote products, not only to contribute to encyclopedia. These interests frequently collide leading to scorched earth in numerous subject areas, outing and real life consequences.
  3. This place has no editorial boards. There are no efficient dispute resolution procedures beyond simply explaining and discussing your edits and asking for 3rd opinion. One must avoid contentious community discussions and editing any subjects that are controlled by outside political organizations or individual activists. Otherwise, you will be eaten by wikitigers, beaten by wikigangs, identified by wikispies, defamed on external websites, and possibly restricted and banned. In essence, the less you talk with other people (but contribute directly to the content), the better.


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