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Background information
Birth name Michael Anthony Rodriguez Tejada
Origin Stockton, California, United States
Genres R&B, Mariachi
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1993–present
Labels None
Website [1]


What's my name?

Where do I live? I currently live in Stockton, California.

What do I do when I'm not updating/researching in Wikipedia? I am a student enrolled at Cesar Chavez High School. I enjoy singing and talking to people online. I sing many genres of music from Pop, R&B, Classical, Mariachi, and Jazz. I am a Baritone voice but can sing below Bass range and well above Soprano. I also have sang in languages such as English, Spanish, German, Latin, Portuguese, Italian and have written songs in English, Spanish, and Nahuatl.

How many languages do you speak? I speak English fluently of coarse but, I also speak some Spanish due to my Mexican American heritage. I am very inquiring about my culture and its history. Because of my facination, I have been studying the Nahuatl language and speak it well for a learner.

Any other info?

I also own an Australian Shepherd (Black Tri Female).

About My Work Here...[edit]

I'm just looking to find out information and help form information.

Articles I've Majorly/Partially Contributed to[edit]

Articles I'm Thinking of Creating/Working[edit]

None right now.


Vocal Profile[edit]

Avarage Vocal Register Ranges[edit]

Voice is unique. It has its own sound and has a wide range of styles. With good control over my vocal registers and good dynamics. Rare talents include enunciation, aerobatics, and vibrato in the whistle register, effortless emotion in voice, and being able to hold notes such as C2 in chest for over 30 seconds, not including range of 5.5 octaves. Whistle register can be comparable to that of Mariah Carey's by tone.

Books I Have to Read[edit]

I don't read much.




External Links[edit]

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