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Nate Riley[edit]

(April 10, 1985-December 7, 2010) I am a student in Rochester NY live in the Park ave./Monroe Ave. Area I have 2 Mastiffs one an English Zeus (I named him after Higgins dog in Magnum PI ) Mack or Mac Strong like the Truck Smart like the Computer he is a Neapolitan blue gray in color lean and cute I love my dogs. I am Single for now FYI ladies. I have Interest in Rochester History and have over 500 books on the subject and one surrounding it ( Kodak, B&L, Underground Rail Road, ) .I am a Political Science Major at the moment I love Iranian, Korean north and south ,Russian mostly Chechen and the Idea of Islam as it relates to politics from early on in the days of Mohammed (PBUH) to the Present as well Sunni Shia Unity and Dis-Unity . Syria Lebanon and religious minorities like the Alawis like Osama Bin Ladens mom in fact this may be why Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was betrayed or why Bin Laden tended not to mention Sunni Shia politics till after Zarqawis death. I will add more later...---- Nate Riley 17:26, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

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