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Hello, This is Nasir Khan Saikat. I am from Bangladesh. I am studying on Computer Science and Engineering. I am mostly active in Bengali Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. nasir8891 is my global username. I am an administrator of Bengali Wikipedia you can also find me on the Metawiki (meta:User:Nasir8891), English Wikipedia (en:User:Nasir8891), Bangla Wikipedia (bn:User:Nasir8891). I am one of the founding members of Wikimedia Bangladesh and also a board member now. You can email at

Other places to find me[edit]

I am one of the founding members of Wikimedia Bangladesh. I conduct workshops on Wikipedia and other open source software at different universities of Bangladesh. I am a contributor feature reporter of Prothom Alo, a national daily newspaper of Bangladesh. I write tutorials and tips of Wikipedia and other different topics related to the information technology.

I have my personal website and two blogs where i write different topics, i am trying to merge these into one single place :)

You can contact or follow me on the social networks here is some places where you can find me