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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

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What I do here?[edit]

Hello, thanks for visiting my userpage!

I do a lot of work in counter-vandalism, including running a counter-vandalism course to train new Wikipedians. I also write some Wikipedia articles and edit others. I often comment on WP:ANI and other WP:ANs. I help new users out at WP:Teahouse/questions, and on irc at #Wikipedia-en-help connect.

I also wrote a Wikipedia policy guide that you may find helpful: WP:EYNTK.

How can you help?[edit]

The easiest way to help out is by writing an article! See if the article exists by searching for it with the search box in the top right.

If you can't think of an article, check out Wikipedia:Requested articles.

Before you start your article, be sure to read WP:PERFECT, and WP:42.

Where can you get help?[edit]

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me on my talk page! I can usually respond within a day.

We have lots of other great places to ask questions here on Wikipedia! The first place I would recommend is the Teahouse. It's a new user friendly space, where anyone can ask a question about editing.

I also recommend the #Wikipedia-en-help connect instant help chat. Click the connect to get started!

You can find more options at WP:HELP.

My articles[edit]

In order of quality, some of my created or substantially expanded articles include:

Centralized discussion
The Signpost
21 January 2015