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Chillin' out
— Wikipedian —
Name Jonathan
Nationality American
Country  United States of America
Current location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Languages English, French, Hebrew
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
Ethnicity White
Handedness Right
Personality type Happy
Family and friends
Siblings two brothers
Pets one pet Dachshund
Education and employment
Occupation Lifer: one who loves life!
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs

sports including:

Politics open-minded
Movies and shows Good Burger, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, The Simpsons Movie
Books Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games

sports, hanging out with friends and family, watching movies and t.v., playing on the computer, programming stuff

Hi there! I'm Newyorkadam, and this is my user page! Please feel free to look around at anything you wish! :)

I was at WikiConferenceUSA and didn't speak to very many people because I didn't know anyone and was shy :P But I did meet Peter.C, Ktr101, , Bluerasberry, and Newyorkbrad (who stole my username ;)!

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Newyorkadam Userpage Animation.gif

This is an animation I made for my userpage during Computer Animation class!

What I'm Working on[edit]

  • Thinking about what to do. Any ideas?

Current Projects[edit]



Here's my notes page, where I keep all of my notes on articles!

What makes me smile on Wikipedia[edit]


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