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E-Mail Contact Nforystek

Voicemail & text message cell phone number: 952-457-9224

(Non personal caller ID may not warrent immediate response)

Nicholas Randall Forystek[edit]

(Formal "Nicholas" : Short "Nick" : Middle "Randall" : Last "Forystek")

(Nickname "Nickels" : Alias "ChromE" : Codename "Jest" : Gifts "Ni")

Born December 17, 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota lives in Mound, MN.

Recreation and work: Neotext Software - "A partially successful failure."

Project concept halt of a grammar coloring language named: SoSweet

Current Address[edit]

2122 Belmont LN Apt. 1

Mound, Minnesota 55364

Internet Links[edit] / - My own maintained project. - posts of mine.

SketchUp - Google SketchUp models by user SoSouiX.

LEGO - Search user SoSouiX and click the blue arrow!

(return or enter key gives results not uploaded by myself)

Browse other's picture gallery too at the LEGO website!

Jestine, and Lylue are my World of Warcraft avatars.

FaceBook - A link to my account page.


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