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Hello, and welcome to my user page. I'm Nick Birse. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Dundee, and I'm from a small town outside Dundee, Scotland. I'm not the really busy editor that I once was. I'm probably not the best person to ask about chemistry, pharmacology or pharmaceuticals (there are more experienced and knowledgeable people on WP who can probably help), although I've a good selection of textbooks and reference sources I can assist with.

My favourite area of editing was always the whisky distilleries of Scotland. I managed to get The Glenlivet distillery to Good Article status, started Lochside distillery, North Port distillery, Glen Moray distillery, Kininvie distillery, Glenglassaugh distillery and Glencadam distillery.

I've also started a few of biographies, Charles Frederick Field was written to plug a hole spotted by browsing Citizendium, and with help from Danny and others, we had a better article in 12 hours. Nicole Avant was written when the original was spotted as a copyright violation, if I remember correctly. A few others biographies, such as Sonja_McCaskie and Mathew_Knowles were written from scratch to replace biographies with serious BLP violations. I'm not really into writing about individual people, I prefer inanimate objects, I guess.

I was also responsible for writing Oriental Nightfish but leave all the credit for the haunting of childhoods firmly with Ian Ames and the late Linda McCartney, of course, I also conjured up Tayside House, Backwater Reservoir, Embassy of the United Kingdom, Pyongyang, Herbal viagra, Hall, Russell & Company, Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom), Chrome orange, ICAP (company), Hydrodealkylation, Laurencekirk railway station, Signal Tower Museum, Roewe 750, Emergency Call and some list type pages. These are my favourite sorts of contributions, small stub or start level articles to fill in blank spaces, to complete lists.

I did a large amount of work on Arbroath which was in part responsible for it reaching Good Article status too.

My most recent article probably isn't Attractive toxic sugar baits any longer, if you're interested.

I'm an administrator here at Wikipedia (No.822) and on Wikimedia Commons.


I have uploaded a significant number of my own images to Wikimedia Commons, additional images can be found on my Flickr page (under a Non Commercial licence - just ask and I'll release under a more liberal licence). These have found their way into a number of articles, as at May 2013 my images can be found in the following articles. Those with a (*) are photos I've added to articles previously missing an image or requiring a more suitable image, otherwise images have been added to articles by other editors.