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Computer Engineer. Physicist. Rocket engineer[1][2][3]. Some kind of scientist. Most recently, I have been under the employ of a small Silicon Valley startup company as an image-and video- processing engineer, programming device software at the kernel-level of an esoteric variant of Berkeley Unix on a multicore, vector-processing supercomputer.

Wikipedia is inevitable.

I've been reading encyclopedias recreationally since early grade school. I never liked Britannica while I was growing up (I preferred the World Book Encyclopedia. I suppose it's ironic that my Wikipedia work has been copied over to Britannica). Wikipedia is helping us change the way we produce and consume information.


I try to contribute to the Wikipedia Community.

  • I prefer objective, cited facts, and consider myself pretty good at discerning reliable sources - even in subjects I'm unfamiliar with.
  • I often edit articles with which I have first-hand experience. Although I avoid independent research for these articles, I occasionally have editorial insights which can improve the articles.
  • I have been reading a lot of random articles and learning all about the subject, then making contributions to the relevant Wikipedia articles.
  • Recently, I have spent a lot of time on the Science and Computing Reference Desks. As of Spring 2010, I am the #5 and #4 most frequent contributor on these desks.


North Carolina State University[edit]

Bachelor of Science (May 2006):

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Physics
  • Minor in Mathematics

Stanford University[edit]

  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (May 2008)

As hard as it is for me to believe, I am currently finished with school and working as a professional image-processing software engineer.


There is a difference between an education and a diploma:

Another reason I have been contributing to Wikipedia lately is that it hones certain skills which I believe are valuable in academia and industry. These skills are practiced during usual Wikipedia activities:

  • Wikipedia articles are complete, concise summaries of complex topics.
  • Rapid fact-finding is useful while reading and editing articles.
  • Debate and conflict handling with a wide spectrum of opponents (some rational, and some not)

Work Experience[edit]

Much of my research work has been proprietary or confidential, so I cannot always link to my own publications. This can be frustrating for an open research enthusiast!


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