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I'm a small but avid contributer to Wikipedia and a large user of it. Usually I just browse through articles for reference purposes but whenever I seem something that seems off I'll bring it up in the talk page. I am the founder and creator of Encyclopedia Hiigara though as of now I am not its largest contributer, using the alies "Niirfa-sa." I can also be found on Wookieepedia, which I edit semi-frequently. I also sometimes use the Halo Wiki, though on a far less regular basis.

I currently reside within Oregon, though for most of my life I have lived in northern California. As an aspiring science fiction and fantasy writer I spend a great deal of time working on developing my own IPs but I've also been known to contribute fan fiction from time to time, either as actual fiction or aslarge sources of fan-created "fluff" or backstory. I have currently written several short stories (one of which I won a non-monetary award for), one full fanfic novel, as well as several unfinished pieces. Currently I'm working on a story in one of the IPs I've been developing independently.