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Hobbies Hubble Legacy Archive "processing", Making music, Building a personal space object database with Finder
Religion Christian
Movies and shows Europa Report (2013), Ender's Game, Doctor Who, X-Files, Revolution, Agents of Shield
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Joined February 15, 2014 (2014-02-15)

I am NomolosX and I like astronomy and making music. I post it on Soundcloud. (I am just learning how to use Wikipedia.)

Pages I've Created[edit]

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  • I Zwicky 32 - An attractive spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici.
  • I Zwicky 23 - A spiral galaxy in Ursa Major.
  • II Zwicky 73 - A polar-ring galaxy of great scientific interest in Bootes.
  • Category:Zwicky objects
  • Category:Abell planetary nebulae
  • Abell 7 - A planetary nebula in Lepus.
  • Abell 12 - A hidden planetary nebula in Orion.
  • Abell 13 - A planetary nebula in Orion.
  • Abell 31 - An ancient planetary nebula in Cancer.
  • Abell 33 - A famous planetary nebula in Hydra.
  • Abell 36 - A faint planetary nebula in Virgo
  • Abell 70 - A planetary nebula in Aquila.
  • Abell 78 - A planetary nebula in Cygnus.
  • NGC 1501 - A planetary nebula in Camelopardalis.
  • NGC 2685 - A polar-ring galaxy in Ursa Major.
  • SPRC - Sloan Digital Sky Survey catalogue of polar-ring galaxies.

Pages that I will Create in the Future[edit]

  • (More Planetary Nebula Pages)-Hoping to complete Abell catalogue.
  • (More Galaxy Pages)-Hoping to complete all confirmed polar-ring galaxies.