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Welcome to my userpage on Wikipedia - NordhornerII

04:40, Friday December 26, 2014 (UTC)

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I was born in Nordhorn. My original profile as "Nordhorner" worked only for the German Wikipedia and therefore I created a second profile: "Nordhorner II".

I had started in German because, quite frankly, as a beginner I felt more comfortable writing for a smaller readership.

When I started posting English articles I used to create a German version as a by-product because it seemed natural to me. Somehow I felt obliged to do something for those contry fellowmen of mine who are not as familiar with English as I am. Well, the English version usually had ten times more readers. But the feedback was altogether different, not only in regards to quantity. Maybe a certain old German saying (prophets who are allegedly never appreciated in their home country) contains some truth after all.

My main interests are to keep my English fresh and to improve my French. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone by writing about French topics, especially French films.