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History and likes[edit]

Great to see how Wikipedia has developed and grown over the past twelve years. Only a handful ( 74@ 13/7/14) of people actively editing here have a 10 year Society badge, it appears I was one of those early editors.

Along with W. G. Sebald (to whom I chatted about the 17th century physician-philosopher on several occasions) I've assisted in the current revival of interest in Sir Thomas Browne which has coincided with the development of the Internet and World Wide Web.

Appropriately for Wikipedia Browne was an encyclopaedist no less, and coined the words 'electricity' and Network' (first usage in an artificial context) into the English language.

Here's a link to the paper I delivered in 2002 at the University of East Anglia on Browne's relationship to alchemy.

Strictly speaking, I am a Norvicensian, born and bred in the fine city of Norwich, but i prefer the word-play of Norwikian here for obvious reasons.

Best pages started on Wikipedia in 2003

Library of Sir Thomas Browne * The Garden of Cyrus * Vulcan of the alchemists

The Fiery Angel (novel) March 2009 The Layer Monument and Argyle Street, Norwich October 2013 Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano, and Timpani (Martinů) November 2013 Albert Cooper (vocalist and musician) June 2014 Atalanta Fugiens August 2014 The Layer Quaternity October 2014

See also -

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