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I like Russia. Particularly Imperial Russia.

I am the owner of the Ekunia Corporation (mentioned below).

I decided to be productive recently though I probably won't do too well at that. Hah.

I am THE typo-buster. I also hate when I see articles written like advertisements.

I'm the CEO of Ekunia, despite the fact I'm still in high school. To quote its homepage:

"Ekunia is a company that has yet to launch. We're making Ekunia Fusion, a software suite with web browsing, games, messaging, and more to come!

Ekunia Fusion (EF) facilitates game development in a variety of directions: better cross-platform play, hardware adaptivity, and dynamic optimization, just to start.

Ekunia Social Links (ESL) is our future free forum host and social service. Its core concept is that the message board should be the core of online communication.

This is its community area, for now! Make yourself at home!"

We'll be launching our first phase on 28 March 2014.