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I have created this account for the editing of articles on military ranks, medals, and badges. I pledge to adhere to the polices of WP:NPA and WP:CIV in my editing and will do my best to adhere to WP:NOR when adding material to this encyclopedia.

Everything on Wikipedia is for fun. Assume that everything you write will be made fun of, heavily edited, and eventually deleted. Take nothing personally and remember that this is just the internet and not the real world. If you want your work taken seriously, publish it professionally and do not post it here. -OberRanks Prime Directive of Wikipedia

THE LAW OF HUSNOCK: As discussions with OberRanks intensify, the probability of mentioning Husnock will increase to 100%

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Original Barnstar (Four Awards)

Veteran Editor (III) Service Award

  • 20,078 registered edits as of October 17th, 2004. First edit on April 28th, 2004 [1][2]

Content Review Medal

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The above Wikipedia award history encompasses edits both under the OberRanks and Husnock accounts from 2004 to the present

Personal Pages[edit]

Edit count[edit]

Lasted updated 18 December 2014

  • OberRanks: 7,248
  • Husnock 12,977
  • Werewolfman07: 23

TOTAL: 20,248 [3]


Ranks and Uniforms[edit]

Military Articles[edit]

Service records[edit]

SS Records[edit]

Service Numbers[edit]

I am the creator and main contributor to the U.S. service number articles which include:

Service Biographies[edit]

Administrative links[edit]

Interesting Things[edit]

Beware of this webpage [5]. They have stolen material from every Wikipedia article on military ranks!

Also beware of this attacker of military rank articles!

First Things First[edit]

People I know or have met who have Wikipedia articles[edit]

Within the realm of Star Trek I have met at conventions Walter Koenig, John de Lancie, Mark Lenard, Michael Dorn, and was once in the same room as William Shatner (but didn't get to talk to him).

Names I have been called on Wikipedia[edit]

  • A jerk
  • A juvenile [6]
  • A layman [7]
  • A rank fetishist [8]
  • A rapist
  • A squid
  • A threat to the project
  • A troll who deserves little respect
  • A twelve year old
  • A user who treats other users like objects to be ignored [9]

And of course...a Nazi! (several times)