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Hello and welcome to Obi2canibe's user page

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Map of the Battle of Tinian

A map of the U.S. invasion of Tinian, one of the Northern Mariana Islands, during World War II. The 4th Marine Division landed first, on the northern end of the island on 24 July 1944, while the USS Colorado and USS Norman Scott led a diversion with a feint against Tinian Town. The 2nd Marine Division arrived the following day, and the Marines worked their way south as Japanese soldiers fought by night and retreated by day. On 31 July the Japanese led a final suicide charge, and some continued to hold out well after the Americans declared victory. The Americans suffered 1,899 casualties, including 328 killed, while the Japanese lost 8,010 men – more than 90% of their original strength.

Map: Grandiose
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